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Dating Tips for Guys - Don't Do's
Here a few dating tips for guys to follow: Don't text message too much.  You need to build a real connection through face to face contact or talking on the phone. Avoid text messaging a girl to ask them out on a date. Don't be too nice, as...  more »
0 0 Apr 18, 2012 in Dating Tips
Body language is the non verbal form of communication which may include body postures, facial expression, eye contact, gestures etc. It is also a effective part of silent communication which may sometimes reveal the true intentions inside your mind. It is...  more »
0 0 Nov 17, 2011 in Dating Tips
Online dating provides opportunity for single men and women to find real love. In the fast forward era, Gen X is having limited time to mingle and party so that singles looking for committed relationship can strike a chord between each other. The chances...  more »
0 0 Nov 3, 2011 in Dating Tips
Majority of couples will be having successful relationship but its not mandatory that these are romantic.So, is it possible to find real love and to build a successful relationship where there is unconditional love through online dating ? Many will be...  more »
0 0 Oct 25, 2011 in Online Dating
Now, its very easy for any single individual, male or female, to find love and get in to a relationship. Online dating sites provide the perfect platform for single males and females to mingle and enter in to causal or committed relationship, as per their...  more »
0 0 Oct 14, 2011 in Online Dating
Watching a good movie is an essential to a great date. Two people who are starting to get to know each other should find something in common with the movie that they choose. This movie might just lead them the next level of dating or even motivate them to...  more »
0 0 Oct 15, 2009 in Date Ideas
Dating nowadays has evolved in different ways. A lot of factors influence people on how they choose the best method of dating. Communication is really important between two people who are just starting to date. And with the technology boom, high tech...  more »
0 0 Oct 14, 2009 in Dating Tips
Fall brings cool breeze that makes you want to cuddle with someone to warm up your senses. This is one of the best seasons to plan something with your special someone. So bring out your warm blanket, grab a hot cup of chocolate and ask the perfect person...  more »
0 0 Oct 13, 2009 in Date Ideas
Online social communities are gaining popularity all over the world. People from all ages get hooked with these sites and everything can be done over the net including looking for possible dates. Finding someone over the internet is something that is...  more »
0 0 Oct 12, 2009 in Online Dating
It is sweet pleasures and sexy thoughts that make planning for your Valentine’s Day date extra fun. Planning something for that big day is just as easy as one – two – three. You usually don’t have to spend that much to be able to...  more »
0 0 Oct 10, 2009 in Date Ideas
Being a single parent is something that is not unusual anymore. And if you are one, then there are also lots of people out there who are also experiencing the same thing and are looking for someone to fill up the gap in their hearts. It is not hard...  more »
0 0 Oct 10, 2009 in Dating Tips
People say that online dating will free you from making awkward first moves. But when you’ve finally spotted one that interests you, why is it that you don’t have an idea of what to write in the initial email? It’s sort of like when...  more »
0 0 Oct 9, 2009 in Online Dating
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