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10 Things that Women Say Make the Perfect Date


A perfect date is easier said than done, but you can prepare yourself before hand to make the outcome of the date as close to perfect as possible.
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Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars. No matter what we do, this fact remains; men and women are from different worlds and are different. So, how do they end up marrying one another? Simple—they willingly compromise to create a lasting bond and love no difference can break.

This is not the case for dating, though. The willingness to compromise will not be instantly present so it is up to both parties to make it work. Most often than not, however, men are the ones left with the task to impress and to try to bring a date to the next level; and this is not easy. Differences come in the way. Differences are natural so men can’t really take them away from the scene no matter how romantic it may be. The least they can do is to counteract them with some extra efforts that will woo a girl and will help them score that second date. How are these extra efforts done? Hear girls cry out of satisfaction and read-between-the-lines.

“My first date with my current boyfriend is a simple chat over coffee, but it felt more than just that!”

Before asking her out, consider a couple of ideas on where to go and what to do. A rule of thumb— keep it simple. Try to keep a first date as casual as possible. Avoid threatening and awkward ambiances like a rock concert (which is too loud to allow space for some getting-to-know-each-other time) or a too romantic dinner date in a fancy restaurant with all the works (which will make her feel like as if you are about to propose marriage). Talk time is an important part of a first date.

“The best date I have had made me feel like as if we are a perfect match. He didn’t groom himself too much nor did he appear ugly. I felt like as if he tried to groom based on how I usually groom myself.”

Don’t stress too much about dressing for a date. Just maintain a clean appearance, and of course dress according to the place you plan to bring your date to!

“The perfect date I’ve had was with a guy who looked at me in the eye while I talk and responded to me accordingly.”

Listen. You took her out on a date because you would like to know her better. You are not going to be able to do that if you will just consistently rant about yourself.

“I loved that my guy showed me how interesting he is on our first date. It made me want to know him more, the same way he’d wanted to know me better.”

Listen but keep up with the conversation. If you have something relevant and interesting to share, go ahead and say it! Don’t get too personal, though. Keep everything at a friendly-level. Leave the rest for the second date.

“His car is not as good as my ex’s, but its tidiness made me feel special. I thought of him cleaning it especially for our date.”

Your wheels can tell a lot about you. You may love it as it is, but building a good impression requires you to prepare it for a date. Let it be a practice for you. Remember, taking care of your car is also like taking care of your future girl.

“He brought me flowers!”

It may appear too traditional to you, but a rose still makes a girl’s heart jump of joy more than a box of chocolate does.

“We went out to have coffee and after I’ve told him how much I miss ice skating, he instantly came up with the idea of doing it there and then!”

Too much romance may make a girl feel awkward, but sincere sweetness will surely touch her heart. Come up with activity ideas that she’ll enjoy doing.

“My perfect date was perfectly planned. He’s done everything perfectly during the actual date. And I was even more delighted to know that he asked my bestfriend what I might want for a date prior to the event.”

Go the extra mile and do your homework. Not only will your efforts pay, but she’ll also surely be giggling over your sweetness after finding out how you prepared for the date.

“He picked me up at home and surprised me with a bouquet of flowers for my mom!”

A girl will surely appreciate if you care not just about her, but to other people around her as well. Making extra gestures to make her feel how serious you are to ask her out and get to know her better through the people around her will make her feel very comfortable with you.

“I love that my guy consistently makes me feel comfortable whenever we are on a date. No PDA’s, but there’ll surely be some romantic things to come up to ponder about when I get home…”

If it’s not your first date with her, don’t fail to woo her still. Come up with unique ideas that will make her constantly saying YES to all your invitations.

Understanding Differences in Dating: Men and Women

Men and women may be from different worlds, but they often come together through compromise, creating lasting bonds that bridge their natural differences. However, dating is a different game altogether, where compromise isn't always immediately present, and effort is required from both sides to make it work.

Efforts That Impress and Lead to a Second Date

Dating isn't easy, especially when trying to impress and take things to the next level. Men, in particular, often find themselves tasked with these efforts. Natural differences can't be ignored, but they can be countered with some extra effort. What are these extra efforts?

Choosing the Right Venue

Before asking her out, consider different ideas on where to go and what to do. Keeping the first date simple and casual is key. Avoid overly loud or romantic settings that may create awkwardness or send the wrong message.

Dressing Appropriately

When it comes to dressing for a date, don't stress too much. A clean appearance is important, and dress according to the venue. It's not about being overly groomed, but rather about making an effort that matches her expectations.

Listening and Responding

One of the best things you can do on a date is to listen attentively and respond accordingly. Show genuine interest in getting to know her. Avoid talking about yourself too much; instead, focus on keeping the conversation engaging and balanced.

Showcasing Your Interests

Share things about yourself that are interesting and relevant. This will not only make her want to know you better but also balance the conversation so it's not one-sided. Keep it friendly and save more personal topics for later dates.

Making Gestures that Stand Out

Small gestures can leave a big impression. Whether it's the tidiness of your car or bringing her flowers, these thoughtful actions show that you care and have put effort into the date.

Planning Ahead

Perfect dates are often the result of careful planning. Going the extra mile by preparing and even asking her friends for ideas can show how serious you are about making the date special.

Caring for Her and Those Around Her

Going beyond just impressing her, show care for her surroundings and those she cares about. Gestures like picking her up with flowers for her mom can truly make her feel special and appreciated.

Creating Comfort Without Overdoing It

On subsequent dates, focus on making her feel comfortable and respected. Avoid excessive public displays of affection and instead create romantic moments that she can reflect on later.

These efforts may not erase differences, but they can certainly counteract them. By making thoughtful gestures and showing genuine interest, you can increase your chances of securing that coveted second date.  


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by Suzanne Thomson on 6/14/2010
I agree that first date should be talk time. Or better, most of the dates could be talk time. Knowing more about the person is a good preparation for a more intimate relationship.

Thank you for the tip. When you have time, hope you could visit my site.

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