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13 Foods to Avoid on a First Date


For the love of god, please don't eat beans on a first date!

A first date usually involves the anticipation and thrill of getting to know your date over a short meal at a table for two. One important thing to pay attention to during a this time is what you eat, since this could definitely affect your date’s perception about you, including how you will look or smell during and after the meal. Here are some foods you should definitely avoid on a first date, unless of course you want to make a smelly, messy, or very “colorful” impression on your potential new boyfriend or girlfriend.

  1. Spicy foods - As a rule, you should steer clear of anything that muddles with your breath. Even after gulping in several glassfuls of water or chewing on a couple of mints, the smell may still persist, ruining your fantasy of a goodnight kiss… and a chance for a second date.
  2. Pasta and noodle dishes like spaghetti with tomato sauce - Trust me, you wouldn’t want any of the red sauce landing on your hair, clothes, or worse, on your date. Rather than struggling to control the unruly pasta with your fork, choose safer alternatives instead.
  3. Bean dishes - The sole reason why beans are known for being the “musical fruit” should make you decide to avoid these dishes during dates. Belching, flatulation and the undesirable smell that comes with these are not very appealing, no matter how considerate your date may be. Add to that the uncomfortable feeling you have to endure and the embarrassment that’ll surely last even after the date, and there you have a guarantee that there will be no more chance of a second date.
  4. Carbonated beverages - For the same reason as the beans, carbonated beverages are one of the gas-inducing components of a meal. Pass up that order of a large soda; go for iced tea or another beverage instead. You can also think of it as eating (or drinking) healthier, as sodas tend to contain a great deal of sugar in them.
  5. Whole Seafood like steamed crab or shellfish that requires the use of your hands- No matter how delightfully delicious these dishes are, you would still look like a struggling utility guy when trying to separate the shell from the food, causing pieces of shell to fly around any possible area on the table. Aside from that, how would you be able to concentrate on the conversation if you are too intent on freeing that morsel of seafood from its shell?
  6. Large burgers or sandwiches that are too big or sloppy to eat gracefully - You wouldn’t want to show your date those monster-sized bites on the first date, especially when they give an excellent view of your oral cavity all the way down to your tonsils. Plus, getting mayonnaise or mustard all over your face while you try to consume that gigantic burger is not the best way to give off a good first impression.
  7. Indian food - A variety of Indian foods have that uniquely delicious flavor, and this is mostly due to the variety of spices put into them. Avoid these dishes like the plague as the smell of the spices tends to stay even after the date.
  8. Foods with seeds like poppy or sesame seeds or fruits with tiny seeds like strawberries -These tiny seeds tend to get themselves into every nook and cranny in your teeth that they can possibly wiggle into. And sometimes, you may not even sense that they’re there, leaving your date uncomfortably staring at your dotted teeth.
  9. Anything with large raw onions or garlic in them, or foods like onion rings or onion soup -Though we all know to pass up foods with these items as the main ingredient, sometimes we unsuspectingly order entrees with them present as flavor-enhancers. Worse, some foods may even have raw onions in them, giving your breath a bad stench that keeps away those sweet goodnight kisses.
  10. Clingy, leafy greens like spinach, mint or even seaweeds - Don’t ruin your pearly white smile with pieces of green gunk caught in between your teeth. These veggies, though healthy, may not be that healthy at all for your chance at a second date.
  11. Buttery Corn on the Cob - Those corn kernels may do you more harm than good, especially when they end up lodging in between your teeth. What’s worse is that they tend to be difficult to get out, and also leave you with butter on your cheeks and chin. And its tendency to smear lipstick is one more reason for it to be avoided by the ladies.
  12. Saucy Ribs- You wouldn’t want to look like a combatant waging war over a piece of meat with your fork and knife, and a sauce-covered combatant at that. Having this on your first date is just one way to spell messy. Having you licking your sauce-covered lips (and fingers) while gloating over a pile of bones is not in any way a good idea of a romantic dinner.
  13. Double Choco-fudge Brownies, or something similar - A sweet treat at the end of the meal is not such a bad idea. However, steer clear of your favorite fudgy brownies this time. Ending a romantic dinner with a toothy smile covered in brown fudge is not a good idea. And, the brown sticky stuff getting on your clothes is not a nice way to end the night.


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