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15 Great Date Movies

by Penelope

Sleepless in Seattle is a great date movie.
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Watching a good movie is an essential to a great date. Two people who are starting to get to know each other should find something in common with the movie that they choose. This movie might just lead them the next level of dating or even motivate them to enter a relationship. Great date movies are not hard to find. You just have to know what particular genre you and your partner might be interested in and here are some titles that will make a great date movie.

  1. Titanic. Who could ever forget the forbidden romance between Jack and Rose? Those moments that they spent on that ship and how their love for each other blossomed are perfect for people who want to fall in love.
  2. Sweet November. Love can grow in a span of one month and change somebody’s life. Though this movie didn’t end just like most love stories do, it leaves a certain air of romance that will inspire you to inspire other people’s lives.
  3. When a Man loves a Woman. This classic movie about a married couple that had to go through difficult challenges in their life and marriage. A drama to the core but will definitely touch your hearts.
  4. Casablanca. This classic love story is always included in the best love stories of all time. Even after 65 years of its release, people still love the classic tale of love, scandal, politics and intrigue.
  5. The Lake House. Finding love in a different time sounds absurd but this movie has twists that make for a good date movie. A fairytale-like love story that is great for couple of all ages.
  6. Autumn in New York. Comedy mixed with romance is always a good combination for a great movie date. Two people with different issues in life meet and find peace in their hearts.
  7. Ever After. This adaptation of a modern day Cinderella will catch your hearts. Funny and romantic at the same time. Watching this movie will not give you moments of mushiness but provide a light enjoyable time.
  8. Sleepless in Seattle. Extraordinary love affair for people who live different lives. But find their way to one another and realize their love for each other.  
  9. Brokeback Mountain. While most people would usually watch a typical loves story, this movie is about two men with special friendship. A different view on love and friendship but is definitely worth watching.
  10. Love Affair. An ex-football star meets a beautiful women on a flight to Sydney, which is forced to land on a small atoll. Both are engaged, but become romantic on a ship sent to take the passengers to a larger island. They agree to meet three months later, but only one shows up, but later they run into each other.
  11. When Harry Met Sally.  How do two friends really feel about each other?  This is a perfect movie for mushy-movie-haters. It has ample amount of scenes that will make you laugh and fall in love at the same time.
  12. Before Sunrise. A rather unusual love story, but can you ever imagine meeting someone at the right place and at the right time?  Falling in love overnight is something that doesn’t normally happen but is not impossible.
  13. While You Were Sleeping.  A funny romantic comedy about a girl who is mistaken as the fiancée of a man in a coma but falls in love with his brother. Another funny movie which is not too mushy for men to watch.
  14. There’s Something About Mary. A really funny date movie that you will surely enjoy.  Full of antics from men who try to catch the attention of a beautiful lady that turns out to be disastrously funny. Will surely give you and your date a great time.
  15. The Notebook. This touching love story about a country boy and a city girl who fell in love with each other one summer and was separated when they got back to their own lives. But true love finds its way back so the characters end up together.

Instead of being completely silent while you watch your romantic movie, be sure to make comments about the movie while you're watching it with your date.  This will make your time watching the movie much more interesting, and will engage your date.  It's also always fun to talk about the movie a little bit once it's finished to find out what your date thought about it or certain scenes in the movie.



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