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5 Signs That You’re Ready For That First Real Date

After meeting online, how would you tell if its the right time for a real date?

You’ve met online and have been chatting for weeks. You feel a sort of attraction and you two really seem to get along. How would you know if its time to meet up and go on that inevitable first date? Here are some signs that tell you if it’s the right time to start hitting it off in the real world.

1. You feel comfortable with each other.

You both have gotten to know each other quickly, and both know more than the basic information about each other. You know each other’s favorite foods and hobbies, and your online chats have been spontaneous and fun. Well, maybe it’s time to see if things still go the same way once you see each other in person.

2. You’ve more or less seen pictures of each other.

Let’s face it; a person’s physical appearance has something to do with initial attraction and acceptance. Chances are, you already got to see the other person’s pictures from his or her profile. And he or she has seen some pictures of you, too. Also, to make sure that the person you are corresponding with is really someone with an identity and personality behind the online chat name, not just some fake profile set up by someone else. For this reason, pictures of the person with his or her friends or family are good signs that he or she is for real. In some instances, they can also show you how the person is in his or her family relationships and social circle.

3. You’ve talked about more than the basic, superficial topics.

You’ve discussed just about anything, from your favorite kind of music to how you see yourself five years from now. You’ve talked about what happened to you at work and what issues are hot on the news. If this is the case, you really have to meet up already. This stage in an online correspondence shows that you two really get along well and the relationship has a huge chance of developing into something more.

4. You feel a certain chemistry or attraction toward one another.

Of course, this should not be the only sign to show that you’re ready to meet up, but it can possibly be one of the things that could prompt you to want to meet up with him or her. A real date could be the chance for both of you to see if the online chemistry is still there when you see each other for real.

5. You’ve talked about meeting up.

If one of you may be throwing hints that its time you met up, or, if you have touched on the topic some time during chatting, then maybe you are ready to start getting to know each other in the real world. If you’ve talked about it, then maybe one of you is just waiting for the other to initiate and set the date.


Remember, the amount of time that you’ve known each other online isn’t really a universal determinant of when you should meet up for that first date. It all depends on how the online relationship progresses and if both of you are ready and willing to go through with it. Good luck on your first real offline date!



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