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5 Ways to Get Started Looking for Love


Life seems so dreary and most of the time you feel down in the dumps. You seem to be looking for something that if found, you are convinced, would spice up your life. But you aren’t sure what that’s all about.  It seems that really, it is love you want to find, even if it seems so far off.

Each one has his or her soul mate. Don’t lose faith. It just takes energy to find him or her. Nix the attitude of leaving it up to fate. Help yourself and that soul mate find each other. It just takes a little determination and belief.

There are many ways to get started looking for the love of your life. Here are five ways to look for love:

  • Go online dating. How does this work? You join an online dating site, register as member or a subscriber. You are asked some questions pertaining to physical, mental, and emotional characteristics. Some dating sites also include core values such as religious beliefs, your stand on honesty, integrity and other information. Then with the information, the online dating site will match you to potential mates. Many couples have started looking for their soul mates online and have been successful. It may be true that online dating is not everyone’s cup of tea, but do give it a try. You’ll find yourself communicating with more than one person and it would depend on the chemistry you’ll have. There are a lot of online dating sites in the web. For starters, choose one or two and begin a trial subscription. Be determined though. Some may take as fast as a week to find a suitable match, some even longer. But this tried and tested method has worked beautifully for some.
  • Do you believe in Feng Shui? A master gave out details on how to use Feng Shui to attract your mate. You’ll need a deck of cards for this. If you are male, remove all the Queen of spades, diamonds, clubs and hearts or if you are female take out all the Kings. Tie them with a red ribbon or string 27 times, keep it under your pillow for 29 days. Within that span of time, be your most attractive self and don’t turn down any invitations to go out or attend any social activity. Did the parents of your niece invite you to attend a PTA meeting because they couldn’t go? Then go. You might find your soul mate there. Or did someone ask you to volunteer at the animal shelter, or the book club? Go and socialize. You never know if he or she is somewhere there.
  • Use astrology. Why not use astrology to your own advantage? Have you fancied someone else? Know his or her birthday, read up on that person’s character and personality as revealed in his or her astrological chart. How would you be able to get his attention and sustain his or her interest, how to ask a date? Then study them well and apply them. These astrological descriptions will guide you. As they say it is all in the stars. Use them to your advantage.
  • Join a chat room in the web where singles meet and chat freely. Much like an online dating site but all you have to do is register and you would instantly be in communication with lots of singles from around the world. Just choose from singles you may be interested in and start to chat. Though it may take time to look for someone who would get you interested because of the accessibility of the site where thousands of singles are registered, just give it a try. It would take a while for you to be able to choose one who also fancies you and one whom you feel is a compatible with you. Thus, it needs perseverance and patience
  • Enjoy being yourself. Pamper yourself, make yourself look good, live your life fully. When you feel good about yourself, people around you start to notice. Be open to anyone who takes a fancy to you. Make your connection special and deep. He might just be the one you have been beckoning to find you.
These are five simple but effective ways on how to get started with love. Give them all a try and some energy. Your soul mate is waiting for you, too. 


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