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7 Things He Wishes You’d Do on a Date


Ever wonder what he’d like you to do when you’re sitting right in front of him at a dinner date? Or when you’re beside him at a cocktail bar?  Though guys don’t say it, there are some things that they’d want us ladies to do whenever we’re on a date with them. Here is a list of what some of those things might be.

1. Loosen up and be a little wacky!

Only a few guys would be charmed by a lady sitting prim and proper all night. Give in to your fun side! Being spontaneous would not only amuse him and show him what you’re really like, it could even lead to a more memorable date. So whether you want to ask him to dance or suggest that you want to go someplace you’ve never been together, go ahead! It might be worth the chance!

2.Compliment him – especially on his body features

Men love every ego boost they can get. Yes, they are some of the most egoistic creatures on this planet, but this doesn’t mean that they’re vain or anything. They just really love the attention – especially if the compliment is about his features or his body. You’ll surely make him smile by lavishing him with some admiring comment about his deep blue eyes or his well-muscled chest.

3.Keep your investigating to yourself

Chances are, you’ve checked out at least one of his online profiles, maybe even more than once. Well, I guess this is perfectly normal, but don’t start mentioning seeing his old college pictures or reading about the hilarious things he did back then. Definitely a no-no.

4. Laugh at his jokes. Yes, even the corny ones.

Again, the ego-trip. Laughing at his jokes makes him feel appreciated. It would be nice to laugh at his side comments or crazy jokes. And even cracking a small laugh at the not-so-funny quips wouldn’t cost you anything. So laugh it up! This also makes the ambience lighter and a little more comfortable.

5. Don’t talk about your ex, even if you refer to him as “a friend”

He’ll surely see through this, even if you try to be obscure about “your friend.”

6. Express amusement about yourself.

Everyone loves someone who can laugh at herself anytime. Laugh at your blunders and embarrassing moments. Tell him about the funny things you almost did, or about those booboos you got yourself into. You’ll see, he’ll have his eyes sparkling with amusement just for you!

7. Flirt a little... and then a lot

 Just a little touch on the arm or a sweet, impish smile here and there, and you’ll have him wanting more. Men can’t really resist any show of attention, so shower him with that and he’ll be feeling that spark even until the date is over. 


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