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8 Great Dates: Fun and Quirky Date Ideas


Whether you and your partner are just getting to know more about each other, or have already been together for several months, you will still need to come up with dates that are fun, creative and not-so-typical. Here is a list of several ideas to jazz up your dates and put the needed zing into them.

Date # 1: Hands on That Ball - Choose a sport that you and your partner are interested in or would like to learn. Bowling, billiards and table tennis are some easy indoor sports that you may easily be able to learn. If you both have more of the adventurous or daring side, you may opt for wilder or more extreme sports like bungee jumping, wakeboarding, and white water rafting. Talk about excitement!

Date # 2: Theatre Tryst - Tired of frequenting your local movie theater or cinema? Go for a musical or a  theater play. They have quite a different feel and atmosphere to them, which will possibly have a different (and new) effect on both of you, too! Especially if the play is a romantic one, or if it does have some romantic parts, it will be sure to add a refreshing twist to your dating experience.

Date # 3: Not Your Ordinary Bar - Instead of going to the usual bar to get a few drinks, try stopping for a peek at a comedy bar in your area. Aside from the drinks, you will have tons of fun laughing at all the jokes, which provides for a few bonding moments between you and your partner. Laughing at the same things makes you grow closer toward each other.

Date # 4: Get Artsy or Scholarly! - Are you two more of the academic ones? Or do you just want to pretend for a while that you are? A trip to a museum both of you have never gone to yet will be a good break from the noisy clubs and crowded restaurants. If you are more of the artsy type, go to an art gallery or exhibit instead. Enjoy the quiet time you both have while marveling over artworks or relics that have weathered the tests of time.

Date # 5: Show off Your Gamer's Streak - Prefer a little bit of action and noise? Take a trip to a local video arcade and pretend that you are mobsters trying to get your hands on the next big bag of money, or are action heroes trying to defeat the new version of the four-headed monster. Want the real thing? Take a gamble at a casino and see how much you can win. Use the cash to buy yourselves a little treat after.

Date # 6: Sweet Sailing - Oh, the pull of the majestic waves as they crash to the shore! Just seeing the blue, blue ocean makes you want to relax and put on your shades and sunblock and you're ready to go off on that sailing trip with your sweetie.

Date # 7: The Call of Nature - Are you both the type who want to rough it up in the wild? Or you just love the serenity and invigorating effect that nature has on you? Opt for an overnight camping trip, or if you have just a day, take a trek and go mountain climbing in a nearby trail that leads up into that majestic peak. Take some delicious picnic treats with you, and you could even bring something unconventional but romantic, like some slices of chocolate cake or your favorite food that reminds you of anniversaries gone by.

Date # 8: Be Kids at Heart - Don't be such an uptight adult. It's time to indulge in being a kid once again. Go to the amusement park and treat your date to a few hours of full-blown fun by joining in challenges to win that oversize stuffed toy or to try out some exciting rides. Spend the time goofing out and laughing out loud as if you were back in kindergarten when no on cared if you had food in your face or cotton candy on your nose. And speaking of cotton candy, get some of that too!



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