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8 Ways to Find a Boyfriend


That dejected and miserable feeling creeps in every time you watch most of your friends go out in doubles, leaving you alone and feeling that no one cares for you.  It seems that it is too difficult to find a boyfriend; someone you can relate to, laugh with, joke with, share your life with, do fun things with and fall in love with. You have tried many other ways to find a boyfriend, but always failed. You think you are turning into an old maid, waiting all your life for the man of your dreams to come and take you away into the sunset to live happily ever after.

Don’t despair though; there are ways to find a boyfriend whether you would seriously consider him for a long term relationship that would possibly lead to marriage or would end as friends. Find that ideal boyfriend first.

Before you consider any of the eight suggestions, make a good profile of the guy you’re looking for. Be specific. Write the characteristics especially the core values you would want in a boyfriend. Why so? To make sure you know who you are looking for. And this will help you know exactly where to find him. Would he be affectionate, caring, sincere, honest, respectful to elders, generous, open and sharing? Would he be an extrovert, or laid back? Would he be a church minister or a computer geek?  Would he be a Christian or an atheist? Define some fun things that he would possess. Would he love pets, ice cream, sweet treats, red wine, or movies just as you do? Would he be a health buff, a coffee aficionado, a jogger? That done, you will be ready to look for that seemingly elusive boyfriend.

Here are some ways to find a boyfriend:

 1. Go online dating. This is getting to be the trend these days. Most people find their boyfriends, friends and even husbands through this method. So don’t be reticent. One advantage of online dating is being able to know in advance the profile of the person you are matched with and judge if you would like to contact him. Experts agree that persons are too honest to a fault when portraying themselves online. Maybe this is because online dating removes the shyness compared to a face to face meeting. Learn to make a good profile that reflects the real you. Emphasize your good points and downplay your weaknesses. If you really are dead serious, online dating might bring Prince Charming to your doorstep. It’ll take some patience and determination though to be successful. Online dating has a global reach which proves to be one setback if you are not willing to relocate for Mr. Right. It will also portend that it will take some time before you meet each other. This is how it works. You receive numerous matches or choose as many as you like, then narrowed down to a dozen until there would be two or three for you to finally choose from. It suggests that your final choice is the most compatible among all the matches you received.  It takes real determined analysis to make this work. When you finally see each other for that first date, be cautious. Agree to meet in a public place.

2. Join online chat rooms. They might be crowded at times but some are successful using these chat rooms. As in online dating, be wary and recognize red flags when you chat online. There are plenty of suitable would be boyfriends you could choose from. Again, you have to be wary when you meet for your first real date. Set it out in public for the first time and make it brief. Then, you can go back online to chat until such time you can trust him.

3. Ask your group of friends to set you up for a blind date. It should be someone that has similar tastes, characteristics and core values like you. If your friends really know you well, they would know whom to match you with. You friends would surely be more than willing to pair you up!

4. It would be cool to ask your best friends to look for someone and then go on a double date with them. Maybe that someone is your best friend’s cousin or brother or a neighbor you didn’t know yet and your friend would just be happy to set both of you on a double date with her and her boyfriend. Also, this set-up would lighten the tension between you and the person they want to match you with individuals who have just met each other.

5. Join social gatherings where people have a goal. Now is the time to review your list of characteristics you would like in an ideal boyfriend. Would he be an animal lover like you? Volunteer in the animal shelter. Maybe he would be there playing with the abandoned puppies. Or join a walk for a cause, or a bingo game to raise funds for charity. Attend social gatherings which give opportunities for the participants to form groups, share some talks and interact with each other. This way you would have short but meaningful and friendly conversations with people the opposite sex. Who knows, this will spark interest, and before you realize it, he is asking for your phone number. Be sure to be open and attractive. Dress appropriately for the occasion. Do not be very eager to show that you would like to connect. Otherwise, it would dampen his initial interest.

6. Consider available guys in your workplace or school and try to get to know them. Most of the time we take for granted our co-workers as potential boyfriends without us being aware that they exist. If you know that you have some available guys out there, join their group for lunch or coffee break or after-work activities. Start small talk. Some common interest will crop out when you talk about your jobs. Before you know it, it could generate interest and be the start of something fun. Who knows, the guys are also looking for girlfriends. Like you, they might not know how and where to start.

7.  Attend classes after office hours or during weekends to improve yourself. People are attracted to individuals who live full and passionate lives. If you are a fitness and health buff or would love to learn meditation and yoga but are used to doing it alone, change your routine. Join a gym or a yoga studio!  This way, you could even find someone who is interested in the same activities as you are. Be friendly (but not overly friendly), know people in your exercise group or whatever group you joined, and learn from each member to create interest.  Some interesting tips to get a guy’s attention is to not show too much interest, but not too little. Do not do the courting, make him interested but keep your mystery to sustain the interest.

8. Ask your friends to invite you to their parties or go dancing. Sometimes, guys and gals go out to parties to enjoy themselves and to get drunk, and not to look for a serious boyfriend or girlfriend. However, if you do play your cards nicely you can end up with a good guy. Do go, but spend some time talking and not just indulging in the drinks. If they tend to be drinking heavily and partying too much, still be courteous and nice to make some guys interested. They would remember you the morning after.

Now, give the eight suggestions above a try. Be ready to get results. Take pleasure in the attention and enjoy dating.  Good luck! 


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