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After Meeting Online: Tips on Making That First Date Unforgettable


You are serious about meeting the love of your life. You met each other through an online dating web service. After numerous text messages, countless e-mails and webcam conversations, both of you think that it's about time to meet personally.

So you agree to go on that first date. Excitement fills your days. But you feel apprehensive too. Is it the right time to go on that first date?

Aside from introductory posts on each other's background such as birth date, address, race, creed, educational and family backgrounds, both of you also learned about what each other does on a typical week from work to home and how you spend your free time. You also find out about the other's interests, favorite sports, tv programs, music and food. You talk about each other's quirks, how you celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas, your children (if any), and how you became single and available once again. You came to a point where both of you love to discuss anything under the sun and feel as if you have known each other for a long time. If you've reached this stage, then probably you are ready for that first date. Below are some tips for making that first date smooth and memorable.

  • Regarding expectations - It is advisable to have a healthy dose of caution to be on the safe side. Avoid going overboard and don't expect too much. That way, you won't get disappointed. Some characteristics do not come out in cyberspace as in real life. Discuss online what both your expectations on that first date would be. Come to an agreement of when and where you should meet.
  • The ideal place and time - First dates should be held in public places and obviously should not take a whole day or night to make it safe for both parties. Since online dating may not add up to the real situation, there might be some dissatisfaction with meeting face to face in the flesh. Decide to meet somewhere like the mall and in a restaurant or at the games, so you can opt to go somewhere else if you don't feel too comfortable. A good choice for a restaurant should be one with a relaxing ambience. Beforehand, the party who suggests a restaurant should already know the type of food both have known to like.
  • Dress appropriately - For ladies, clingy clothes and a very low neckline would not be advisable, as it sometimes may give off the wrong impression. Go for a casual, comfortable style instead. The same is true with the gentlemen. If you meet up a trendy restaurant or at the mall, an informal, casual get-up is appropriate. However, if both agree on a more formal venue, then dress simply but suitably.
  • What do you talk about? - Make the conversation general and light. Avoid talking about your problems, or, if you have touched on those problems online, your first date is not the right time to discuss them thoroughly. Most importantly, do not talk about your past relationships. Focus on the here and now. This date is all about you, so concentrate on that. And even if you have discussed anything under the sun during those online dialogues, meeting for the first time in the flesh would be different. Things that you would have never thought of could come up.
  • Be open and relaxed - Keep the date fun and carefree. Be courteous and agreeable. Keep those sad and serious discussions out of mind. Save that for when you have reached a more serious stage.

You think that you know each other from cyberspace, but a first date in the real world will be like knowing each other for the very first time. It would be like starting all over again.

So relax, have fun and take it lightly. First dates are not instances to make proposals or a time to make life and death decisions. However, a first real life date could make or break the relationship. It is a deciding factor that would lead to many other decisions. It could strengthen the online relationship you have and possibly lead to a serious commitment. On the other hand, it could also lead to the end of whatever your relationship was. Whatever the turn of events leads to, enjoy the laughter and the company. A first date happens just once, and if it turns out right, then you get to enjoy whatever this sweet opportunity brings.



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