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Best Conversation Starters to Keep Your Date talking


Going on that first date and you're feeling pretty jittery? Or, you've already snagged that second date and your fortune is looking up. At any of the early stages of dating, one of the biggest fears on both sides is not having anything to say. The deafening silence that can embarrass both people, and haunt and taunt even the healthiest ego is just simply mortifying when it happens on a date. The good news is, anyone can avoid this by being prepared with having the right questions to ask.

Basically, at every date, you have to ask some general or warm-up questions first. Then when the conversation gets relaxed and easy, that would be where you put in your magic (and skill) in asking questions and keeping the conversation going. Here are twelve of the best conversation starters that can make time fly and would make your date want to spend more time with you:

  1. What is something that you're really good at? Can you show me?
  2. Where do you see yourself ten years from now?
  3. Do you like to travel? What was the best place you've ever been to?
  4. In your family, who is your all-time favorite person?
  5. Where would you take your favorite movie star if he/she were to go on a date with you?
  6. What was your favorite hobby as a kid?
  7. What was the funniest thing that ever happened to you at work?
  8. What is your favorite place in this city?
  9. What would be your ultimate goal in life?
  10. Until what age would you want to live?
  11. Name one song that you can't resist dancing to?
  12. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Aside from keeping the conversation going, another good thing about these questions will make you get to know your date more. Of course, you shouldn't let your date do all the answering. After hearing about his/her funny experiences and dreams in life, you should be able to put in a few of your own too! Being a good conversationalist not only lies in the questions you ask, but also in how you respond to your date's answers. Keep the charm (and conversation) going and you'll have one of the best dates you ever had!



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