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The Best and Most Popular Dating Sites on the Web.
by is one of the best dating sites and most popular dating sites on the web.
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What makes an online dating site the best and the most popular on the web? What makes, and first rate dating sites?

For one, it is their seriousness and determination to help you find that impossible and elusive match you have been dreaming of. These three online dating sites have spent much time and a lot of planning before they went into the business of matching and making people blissfully happy falling in love. And when they were out there, the lovesick desperate people who for so long have sought the love of their life and had been disappointed in subscribing to numerous other online dating sites only to end up frustrated, have flocked to these sites, like homing pigeons glad to be home.

Evidently, there is strength in numbers. These dating sites have not just hundreds but millions of members and subscribers.  Their non-exclusivity is one big factor. Are you a Buddhist seeking another one or are you a Jew?  You are 56 years old and have just retired and it gets lonely coming home every night in a cold mansion.  You think no one loves a vegan and a passionate animal rights activist? Or no one likes a beach comber? Or you like someone far away from home so you could explore two continents together in your lifetime? Are you looking for a serious relationship, or dating, or are you even serious about marriage? Take heart! Welcome aboard! Whoever you are, whatever age, race, creed, educational status, occupation, location or quirks, these sites will make it easy for you to find someone who is best suited for you.

It takes conscientiousness, thoroughness and commitment to make a top notch online dating site. People love to be analyzed and rightly so, and each have a scientific personality test evaluation of who you are. Your personality type is determined by the questions that you answer about yourself after signing up. Then these answers are analyzed to determine what personality type you are and how you are compatible, or how you complement your match and vice-versa. These are not ordinary personality tests but were created by experts to know the real you and find your real compatible match. They are also experts in dating, love or anything else that you might ask under the sun. Thinking about it, analysis of yourself is very important so you are able to find a match that you are compatible with and can find common ground that makes you and your match happy with each other.

So, here are the best online dating sites to help you find someone special:

  • currently has 15 million members belonging to diverse races, ages, occupation, various religious orientations and located in 37 countries.  The best feature of this online dating site is its ease of use and communication. You go from finding a match using some criteria then sending winks to e-mailing. And because it has myriads of members with a variety of characteristics, you can find almost anyone that matches your criteria. Apparently, non-exclusivity is a big plus to make a site large, a sell out, and a hit. It treats its subscribers to an online dating experience that is easy, fun and successful.
  •, just like, has millions of subscribers.  The best feature that makes this a best seller is its personality evaluation which is akin to a Myers-Brigg type formula created by Dr. Pepper Schwartz, the in house love guru of the online dating site. Matches are delivered to the member or subscriber. The matching system of the site chooses your match but the user can also select his or her match. A variety of people chose this site because of this feature.   Majority shows that users of this online dating site are people looking for serious relationships. Perfect Match has members with high educational status. It also doesn’t discriminate against anyone; regardless of religion, race, and location, everybody is welcome to join.
  • is one beautiful and amazing site. As its name implies, it matches people through chemistry based on the premise that we are attracted to other people because of certain core values that have formed us to be what we are. A superb personality evaluation is the basis of matching designed by an expert, Dr. Helen Fischer, who also dishes out advice on dating, matching and compatibility. Users undergo 4 steps of communication up to the time they are ready for a real life encounter. If this encounter fails, they try again and again to work up a better match for you until it works. Talk about determination!                       

Summary,, and are all top notch online dating sites because of their well organized, scientifically planned matching methods.’s popularity is due basically to its ease of use and ease of initiating communication. and’s most important feature is the personality evaluation test that each member has to undergo if he or she is serious in pursuing a relationship. Each site has an expert who guides subscribers to be successful in dating and in love.

So if you are looking for a great new relationship with somebody special, then visit these dating sites and you won’t regret finding your love of a lifetime. Now go and enjoy your online dating experience!



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