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It is true that the internet has already changed how we live. There are various examples to cite that will prove this, but one of the most exciting ones are those related to meeting people and finding lifetime partners over the web. I have not yet met anyone of the right age and computer literate enough to use the internet, who has not tried to use the web to expand their social networks. And for the loveless lot, free online dating sites appear to be the best way to go to end their single boredom.

The high demands for such kind of websites are answered by a coupled number of supplies. Now, wherever you are in the world, you can surely find a way to meet friends and lovers from within your state and around the globe. There’s one single catch, though—who amongst these options can you trust and who will be able to bring favorable results for your searches? In order to trim your options down, we have named 5 of the best online free dating sites.

  • OkCupid (

    If you are after some fun and some loving, OkCupid is for you. You need not be too internet savvy to know how it works. It simply replicates the real-world fun of meeting-dating via ways you are surely familiar with. Start off by meeting people (the social networking part), connecting to them via e-mail and instant messaging, interviewing prospects through your personalized matching quizzes (woh…) and finally, ‘categorizing’ people you’ve met as a potential love or an enemy. All its features appear to have been present to work in this manner with additional FUN factor that keeps singles looking around.

  • Casual Kiss (

    Think age matters in love? Go for Casual Kiss, a crowd favorite that houses singles below 40 year of age. They won’t really filter ‘old folks’ from coming in, but the sites’ rich and unique features leaves older people with no other choice than to find a site they can easily explore.

  • Plenty of Fish (

    There are many fishes in the sea, indeed! This site simply won’t run out of matches for you with over 15 million happy users. Compatibility questionnaires and I-am-interested-in-you features make you hit your prospects and your prospects hit you in more ways possible.

  • Woo Me (

    Speed dating at your finger tips. No more chat bots, only real people looking for real fun and real love— a newcomer in the field, but a certified blockbuster because of this unique feature.

  • Book of Matches (

    Whether you want to love a lady or you are a lady yourself, this almost love-is-a-girl-thing website offers more than meeting, flirting and loving features, but extreme profiling as well. Showcase you photos on your very own online scrapbook and have your own blog so you can tell everyone how beautiful you are through BoM. Finding your match has never been as exciting as this!



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