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Biggest Turn-offs on a First Date


First date Blunders, that’s what men are trying to avoid. Because they all want to make the best impression on their first dates, sometimes overdoing it makes things worse. Sometimes because these men want to put their best foot forward, they end up looking like pretenders or fakes. Over nervousness causes them to commit mistakes that will definitely turn off women and end up looking like idiots. There are things that men should try to avoid in order to make a good impression on their first dates and if you are a guy wanting to have a second one with your girl then these are some tips for you.

  1. Never be Late. The first thing that you can do to turn off a girl is by being late. It’s a first date so try to make the best impression by showing up on time. Showing up really early might also mean that you are too eager for the date so it’s really best to just show up on time.
  2. Avoid talking about your Exes. That’s a no-no. If you keep talking about your ex, chances are that you are still not over your past relationship and that the girl that you are dating might be on rebound. Talk about other things but never ever bring up the topic about your ex to avoid being dumped on your very first date.
  3. Don’t talk too much about your achievements. Though you might be really proud of the things that you have achieved in your life, it is better not to talk too much about it. You will sound so egotistic and therefore will definitely be a big turn off. It’s okay if other people will tell your date how you managed to become successful in a short span of your time but it is not a good idea to be bragging about it.
  4. Try not to stare too much. Although you might be mesmerized with how your date looks and how sexy her body is, it is still rude to stare. You can give her a compliment or two but try not to stare too much or blab about how beautiful she looks or how sexy her curves are. This might give her the idea that you are just after her body.

First dates are really crucial because that will determine if you are worthy of a second date. These tips are just basic things that you can use to guide you not only in the first date but in subsequent dates that you might have with your girl. Just be simple and take things slowly so you will arrive at your destination perfectly.



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