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First Dates

We all know that first impressions last, so we all want to make sure that we dress appropriately on the first date. The way you dress yourself will actually reflect your personality thus wearing something that is too conservative might actually give...  more »
0 0 Penelope Sep 12, 2009 in First Dates
Hollywood has set high standards over what first kisses should be like. But they’re closer to reality than we think. First kisses set the stage on what the relationship would be like in the future. So here are some tips on how to survive that...  more »
0 0 Megan Sep 7, 2009 in First Dates
First date Blunders, that’s what men are trying to avoid. Because they all want to make the best impression on their first dates, sometimes overdoing it makes things worse. Sometimes because these men want to put their best foot forward, they end up...  more »
0 0 Penelope Aug 31, 2009 in First Dates
A first date usually involves the anticipation and thrill of getting to know your date over a short meal at a table for two. One important thing to pay attention to during a this time is what you eat, since this could definitely affect your date’s perception about you, including how you will look or smell during and after the meal. Here are some foods you should definitely avoid on a first date, unless of course you want to make a smelly, messy, or very “colorful” impression on your potential new boyfriend or girlfriend.  more »
0 0 Victoria Aug 4, 2009 in First Dates
You’ve met online and have been chatting for weeks. You feel a sort of attraction and you two really seem to get along. How would you know if its time to meet up and go on that inevitable first date? Here are some signs that tell you if it’s the right time to start hitting it off in the real world.  more »
0 0 Victoria Jul 12, 2009 in First Dates
You are serious about meeting the love of your life. You met each other through an online dating web service. After numerous text messages, countless e-mails and webcam conversations, both of you think that it's about time to meet personally. So you...  more »
0 0 Victoria Jun 28, 2009 in First Dates
You finally have the date you've been waiting for. Before getting all excited, prepped-up and ready to go, get yourself acquainted with the things that you should definitely NOT do if you want to score that precious second date. Read...  more »
0 0 Marie Jun 13, 2009 in First Dates
Making plans for a first date can be as stressful as the date itself.  Knowing a bit about the person before the date can be really helpful but sometimes that's not possible.  Below are some great ideas that will knock the socks off of your...  more »
0 0 Jodi Feb 14, 2009 in First Dates
Meeting your online match for the first time can be a fun and unique opportunity to shine! By following the tips outlined below, you will effectively get the experience you need to move the relationship forward or move on quickly. It's a no brainier...  more »
1 0 Jodi Feb 9, 2009 in First Dates
You've set the date, picked the perfect spot and are very nervous about meeting your match for the first time.  What if you meet the person and there is no chemistry?  What if they don't show?  You can't control those things but there are...  more »
0 1 Jodi Jan 28, 2009 in First Dates

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