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Decoding Facebook Profiles for Dating


So you think Facebook is a great place for you to meet someone for dating? That’s right. Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks and its popularity is highly ranked in the whole world and for good measure. Facebook allows you to meet your old friends and new ones just by adding people to your Facebook friends. However, you should take cautious steps because not everyone is as sincere as they show in their profiles. There are still some people who prey on gullible people. So how do you know which Facebook profiles would make for great matches and which are red flags? Here’s how to decode Facebook profiles.

Photo Evidence

One way to show people’s sincerity is uploading some photos in their Facebook profiles. People who hesitate to place a photo in their profiles may have something to hide. They might be married or have some underlying problems that you don’t need to know because you don’t have a face to match a profile. Whenever someone doesn’t have photos of himself or herself on her profile, be careful and tread carefully.

Long is Never Better

People who are very specific and provide a long detailed list of what they’re looking for in a relationship often turn out to be high-maintenance. You’ll just be spending your time trying to be the “perfect” partner to these overly demanding types. Chances are, if they’re that discriminating online, they’ll be more annoying in person.

Well-chosen Adjectives

Facebook profiles that emphasize their good looks or describe in detail how good they are in bed should be avoided. More often than not, these profiles have insecure people behind them. That’s why they feel the need to exaggerate in their profiles. People who are actually good looking or good in bed don’t have to broadcast these qualities in order to have dates.

Romantic Words

Beware of those people who announce that they are looking for their “soul mates” through Facebook. Also avoid those people who romanticize meeting “the one” or their “love of my life.” These people are craving for long-term relationships. They might pressure you to move on too fast and get married.

When you know how to decode what a Facebook profile means, then you’re on your way to successfully finding an interesting and lovely person to date.



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