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Have you ever experienced having a date and suddenly finding out that you are short of resources? Have you ever had the dilemma of wanting to be on a date with the girl of your dreams, but you're low on cash? During these down times, when recession is...  more »
0 0 Oct 7, 2009 in Dating Tips
For most people who have just undergone a major breakup, there are things that they take for granted. They expect that after the split, the pain will just lessen… it will slowly fade into oblivion. Wishful thinking… They are so mindful of...  more »
0 0 Oct 7, 2009 in Relationship Advice
Divorce. It is such an ugly word. Yet statistics show that around half of first marriages in the United States end up in divorce. With this number, you shouldn’t feel like you’re alone in this world. You might feel like your whole life has...  more »
0 0 Oct 6, 2009 in Dating Tips
Romantic Date Ideas
Whether you have just started going out or celebrating your fifth wedding anniversary, dates are important to keeping the passion alive in your love life. Here are a few romantic date ideas for every stage of your relationship. Igniting the Flame A...  more »
0 0 Oct 6, 2009 in Date Ideas
The differences between a boy and a full-grown man are enormous. Their appearances differ as much as their views over life experiences and challenges. It is funny how their common ground lies on one task— asking a girl out. It is pretty...  more »
0 0 Oct 5, 2009 in Dating Tips
Already past the second date and maybe you are ready to kiss the girl? With the song “Kiss the Girl” sung by Sebastian the crab playing in the background. Ariel exhibited several signs that Prince Eric took into consideration before kissing...  more »
0 0 Oct 5, 2009 in Dating Tips
Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars. No matter what we do, this fact remains; men and women are from different worlds and are different. So, how do they end up marrying one another? Simple—they willingly compromise to create a lasting bond...  more »
0 1 Oct 5, 2009 in Dating Tips
It is true that the internet has already changed how we live. There are various examples to cite that will prove this, but one of the most exciting ones are those related to meeting people and finding lifetime partners over the web. I have not yet met...  more »
0 0 Oct 5, 2009 in Online Dating
Everybody, at some point in their lives experience breakups. This probably is one of the hardest things that you will have to go through during your entire single life. Love is an unseen force that greatly affects your entire being thus making your life...  more »
0 0 Oct 5, 2009 in Relationship Advice
Like most single men and women out there, you have trekked the exciting and sometimes treacherous roads of dating. But real love has still eluded you. You’re running out of options. Why don’t you try online dating? Online dating can be one...  more »
0 0 Oct 2, 2009 in Online Dating
With this fast paced life that modern women are living right now, most of their priorities have changed and they are living the lives they want. These independent, strong and intelligent women tend to put their love life aside only to find out that after...  more »
0 0 Oct 1, 2009 in Dating Tips
So you think Facebook is a great place for you to meet someone for dating? That’s right. Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks and its popularity is highly ranked in the whole world and for good measure. Facebook allows you to meet...  more »
0 0 Sep 25, 2009 in Online Dating
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