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Double Dating Tips


Bored of the same things that you do when going out on a date, you suddenly met your best friend in college by chance, walking hand in hand with his girl. After some nice hellos and how do you do’s, exchanges of business cards and phone numbers, you invited both to an evening of fun.

Its your first time with your girl to go out on a double date. The success of double dating depends on how well the two couples can adjust to everyone in the group, how similar their interests are, and the location where they would agree to go.

 Here are some tips to make that double date fun, enjoyable, and comfortable.

  • Discuss your plans with everyone concerned. You can do this through phone, and follow-up on it.  If everyone agrees to some suggestions, then it would be fun.  
  • Be aware of each other’s budget. You can coordinate your agreement on what choice of place to go to through e-mail. E-mail each other names of restaurants, or locations with price ranges so that each will know if the place is within their budget. Otherwise, if one chooses a high priced location and the other couple has a lower budget for that date, it will be an embarrassment. So coordinate well to be sure that everyone agrees to the price range of where you are going to spend that date.
  • For a double date for first timers, select a location and activity that is generally acceptable. The location should be a place that serves familiar food. Do not go for the exotic restaurant the first time around unless everyone agrees to it.
  • A good and fun activity would be an outdoor fair. This would give each couple a chance to be together as a group and at the same time give some breaks during those awkward moments when each has to be alone with each other. Remember, this is your first time as two couples. It would be fun to be eating the barbecues, cotton candy, and so much more as two couples, then as a couple riding the ferris wheels and other amusing games.
  • Another is to go to a trendy but not so formal but familiar place where you can have drinks, tell stories and have dinner. You can have some light discussions on how you know each other. If you and your fellow double daters are a bunch of hipsters, a hip or trendy place would be the place to go. For older couples, a restaurant that caters to that age group is a good idea.
  • Be aware of your other companions.  Do not disconnect yourself and your significant other from the other couple but discuss things that include all of you as a group.
  • Be open and positive. Each should try their best to enjoy the company of everyone. An effort to do so would mean fun and enjoyment. Do not discuss sensitive and serious issues that would require a serious discussion or debate. Make it light, fun and happy. Tell stories and jokes that are sure not to embarrass anyone but make everyone laugh and be at their ease.
  • Make sure that your significant others get along well. If you are not sure, maybe watch a movie first as an ice breaker. It may thaw the ice between two who have just been introduced.
  • If two people knew each other in the past such as a college classmate or room mate and they are re-acquainting themselves, be sure that everybody joins in with your anecdotes and stories when you had fun times in college. But, never overdo it. Otherwise the other two will just lose interest.
  • Do not get yourself intoxicated. You might be carried away necking with your girl and shutting the other couple out. You went out as two couples, not one. So for this time cut out the necking and petting.
  • Have a sign language with your significant other so that when things become sticky it would not be obvious when you tell them. Such as a wink which could mean “change the subject” or “we better change location, this place bores me.”
  • Do not talk of too personal things about the other couple’s significant other, or ask too personal questions about their relationship. It might irk them and may be taken as rudeness especially if it is your first time to date as a couple.
  • If the other couple gets into some argument, take a cue and go somewhere else with your sweetie for the time being. As a rule, couples should not air dirty linen in public. Be agreeable, courteous and polite. Discuss your differences in private. This would make or break your enjoyment as a group.  
Now, your first double date will determine if you would be going out as two couples again in the future. A first double date is an introduction to how well you get on with each other as two pairs. If the first date had been fun, maybe you would like to have another date. If everyone agrees, that would be fine. But if the other couple doesn’t like the idea, do not stalk or force them. Meanwhile, make that first double date successful and happy, with loads of laughter and cheer. 


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