Everyday is Valentine’s day: Ideas on Keeping the Romance Alive

by Marie

Being in a relationship with the person who just makes your heart sing can unwittingly make even the most reserved person become mushy and affectionate. But after quite some time, you'll notice that the initial charge of emotions may wear out and make everyday seem somewhat ordinary. Most couples sometimes lose that lovin' feeling over time because of the lack of expression and romance that a long term relationship may be experiencing. Want to keep the romance alive and make your partner feel like everyday with you is Valentine's Day? Read on these several tips to keep the passion going.

  • Show little acts of appreciation - People don't frequently feel valued because their partners or people around them don't express their appreciation a lot. Show your partner that he/she is truly valued by a quick peck on the cheek or a smile and a word of thanks every time he/she does something for you. Gratitude and appreciation are well-proven ways to keep that tender feeling around.
  • Leave little love notes - Whatever the occasion or even if its just simply a beautiful morning that you wake up together, show your love by writing your partner a note on how much you love him/ her. Or if you're more of a poet, why not put your talent to good use and proclaim your love by writing a few verses dedicated to the love of your life? Using love quotes that perfectly describe how you feel would also be a great idea.
  • Travel someplace you've never gone to - Get away from that daily routine and go for a short vacation (even for just a weekend) in a place both of you have never been to before. The excitement of going somewhere new with your partner rekindles the excitement of the time that you were both crazily in love with each other.
  • Surprise your partner with his/her favorite meal or food treat every now and then - A box of chocolates or that favorite take-out side dish of theirs would brighten up a typical day. Even better, surprising him/ her with a breakfast in bed or a candlelight dinner after a hard day's work will guarantee a delighted reaction.
  • From time to time, treat your partner to a massage - See him a bit tensed up after work? Notice that she's worried about something? Ease up their nerves by offering to give them a relaxing massage. What's more, they may even want to return the favor the next day by offering to be the masseur/masseuse this time.
  • Keep your memorable dates in mind - When did you first meet? When was your first date? Special events like these are chances for simple commemorations or celebrations. Just a simple bottle of champagne at dinnertime or taking time to watch the sunset in a secluded spot away from the busy streets would be a wonderful chance to talk about that special time. It would also help relive the affection and attraction you have to each other.
  • Go out and try something new together - Learn a new sport, or sign up for a new hobby together. Wakeboarding, surfing, dance lessons... anything you want to try out, even if it sounds wacko or weird. If you both make a dud out of it, at least you had fun giving it a go. If you decide that it's both your thing, then you have a guaranteed activity that helps make you spend quality time together.

Whatever steps you decide to take to add a little zest to your relationship, keep in mind that these involve affection, spontaneity, time and effort. Keeping the flame burning is something that all couples need to do if they want their relationship to last. And, wherever you are in a relationship, never underestimate the power of genuine love, appreciation and respect that should always be present between two people who want to spend a lifetime together.


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