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Five Reasons Why Women are still Single and Can't Find a Man


The dating jungle is exactly what it is: a jungle - of mixed signals, miscommunications, what if's and the perpetual hunt for that other half of yourself. Women, as men know, would want to find this person with whom she can connect to, that person to be her partner, that person she can spend her time with. Nevertheless, it's like an epidemic, there are more and more single women out there. Care to ask why? Here are some reasons:

1) Men won't commit

That's the major reason why many women remain single. She finds a guy she likes who likes her too, they go out on dates, they spend time together but he won't commit. Or he commits but their situation is "complicated" - which in simple terms mean, there is no commitment.  Men do not want to be tied down with one woman even if it doesn't mean marriage yet. They'd rather go out and have fun on the dating scene. Women on the other hand would rather find someone with whom she can make a relationship with. Dates are nothing, these are temporary eye candies whose interesting qualities will eventually die down and she'll forget. To find a man though who wants her in the same way she wants him, now that is a challenge.

2) Women do not know what they want

As Will Smith said in the movie Hitch, "even a beautiful woman does not know what she wants". And it's true. Women will say that they like men who will protect them, who will take care of them, who will not lead them on, who will be there for them. Ask her though if she'd go out with a hot guy (spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e) and she'd answer yes without skipping a beat if that hot guy is her type. Sometimes, regardless of what she wants, she'd like to take risks and maybe, just maybe play around before hitting it off with Mr. Nice Guy who's always there for her. Which leads her to questions and confusion over the guy she really wants. And leaving Mr. Nice Guy confused too with what she feel for him.

3) Women who have a limited set of friends

Some women never go out. And if they do, they do not look out for men. Sometimes, women are so wrapped up with their girl and gay friends that they forget that the world is there at their feet, ready to be conquered. They're content to tell stories to their friends or listen to her friend's stories. Can it girl, go find your own stories to tell. Go out and have fun. Your friends will still be there to listen to your stories next time around.

4) Women who date friends: can't draw the line

This is a complicated topic which will need a different discussion altogether. In summary though, some women have guys as friends but secretly wants to be romantically linked with that one guy friend. Things get complicated though when they both do not want to "complicate" things by being together. That woman will wait for the "guy friend" to realize that she is girlfriend material. Like Pacey waiting for Dawson to spit it out. Wishing and hoping and thinking and waiting for him to tell it to her his feelings. Trust me on this, you'll both be on the waiting end.

5) Surprisingly, women are afraid too

Even if they are the ones supposedly being "hunted", there's a scary part of letting herself go and risking getting hurt... again. "Once bitten twice shy" ring a bell? It really takes daring and courage to go out again and trust someone... to wear your heart out on your sleeve and trust that the other person will recognize this and give importance to you. Sometimes, women are single even when they don't want to - because they're trapped in their own situations they themselves created, and in the end cannot get out of.

Once you've realized this though, you remember that it's better to go out, get a date, take an adventure even if it's means risking yourself again - because it means you are also one step closer to that person you want to find. You wouldn't want to be a singleton for the rest of your life.



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