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Great First Date Ideas that you'll Both Love

Not sure what to do for a first date, then check out these fun date ideas.

Making plans for a first date can be as stressful as the date itself.  Knowing a bit about the person before the date can be really helpful but sometimes that's not possible.  Below are some great ideas that will knock the socks off of your date. Some are tried and true while others are new and exciting; nonetheless, it's all about having a good time.

  1. Go to the petting zoo - it's a legitimate way to act like an animal on the first date.
  2. Take a tour of a brewery or winery - this way you can drink for free and learn something.
  3. Do an art crawl - putting a little culture in your lives is fun and great for conversation.
  4. See a drive-in movie - it's a legitimate way to be able to share popcorn, talk without disturbing others and watch a good movie.
  5. Go miniature golfing - it's fun, and a short date.
  6. Go bowling - it seems like an old stand-by but it's still good for getting to know someone and bowling alley food is sometimes just what you crave.
  7. Attend a comedy show - a good laugh is always appropriate for a first date and sets the stage for a fun evening.
  8. Get outside - go for a walk around the park, the lake, hike, go canoeing or anything active.
  9. Do a volunteer project - by giving back to the community while on a date, you and your partner will feel really proud of your accomplishments.
  10. Make an "errand" date.  Take your date along as you run your Saturday errands.  It's a very unusual type of date but by watching their habits, you will get to know someone really quickly.


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