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How Do I Find My Soul Mate


Helen Keller once said that Life is either a daring adventure - or nothing. Well, to apply it with dating: it's either a dating adventure -- or nothing. Mostly though, it amounts to nothing. It is, however, a rule that you should go out and see people to find The One. Your heart just skipped a bit when he walked by? You find yourself doing a double look when you saw that girl? We feel that way one time or another. So how exactly would you find the one?

1) Go out

See people. Your line of prospects won't grow bigger if you don't go out at the very least. Don't, however, go looking at people thinking this could be it: you'll get disappointed a lot of times and will get tired of waiting before you ever find one. Nevertheless, look at it as meeting new people in your life and broadening your horizon with other people's perspectives. Learn a

2) You lose a prospective lover, gain a friend

If it just isn't working out after a few dates, drop it and move on. Sometimes, things just don't work out. That spark will not materialize to some people -- it just wouldn't work no matter how long you wait if it's not it. You can't "invent" the spark when there is none. You can, however, gain a new friend. That's why you should treat people nicely. And next time you see them, go out for coffee or donut, you never know, this time it just might work without the tension of dating.

 3) Go out with friends - with your date

You can't expect people to believe that there's something going on when there is none. Although, you can't deny that something is going on between you two when there really is. It's always obvious to other people. Anyone who will see the two of you will know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. Go out with friends. The way you look at each other or the way you treat each other is a sure indication that cannot be hidden.

4) Find yourself first

You can't find your better half if you are not sure about who you are and where you stand in life. Self-esteem is needed and so is self-confidence. You'll attract them if you find yourself attractive. Drop the insecurities, be yourself. Someone's bound to find the treasure inside.

As they say, it's never planned:  it just happens. Enjoy yourself while he or she is still not there because you'll only know the right one when you've tried out the wrong ones. Then when it happens, you know that the one you have is the one worth spending your life with ever after.



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