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How to Argue with Your Man and Get Results


Are you tired of arguing with your man over the same thing over and over again? Does your man distract you from the real issue or worse defend his side so that you always lose? Before the arguing makes a dent on your relationship, here’s a surefire way to let him know that you mean business.

Maintain Your Poise

Whether or not your man deserves your wrath, don’t give in and express your anger in ways that will make you lose your poise. If you yell, rant, and rave, you’ll only look ugly and your boyfriend will instead marvel at how ugly you look or how shrill your voice is, instead of the real issue.

So what should you do when you’re seething? Let him know that you are angry but maintain your composure, especially if you’re with other people. Now is not the time to throw your high heels on his face and wish your stilettos will blind him. You can be civil and tell him you’re angry or walk away. Either way, you should let him know that you are angry and will get back to him about the issue involved.

Cut Out the Emotions

That’s right. Let your anger pass and think about the situation without any emotion involved. Focus on the real issue and not your anger. Find out if your anger is warranted. Is it him or is it you who has the problem? Did you do anything to provoke the behavior or is it completely his fault? If you think you are part of the problem, then you’ll be able to get beyond your anger and be a better partner.

If you’ve realized that the real issue is what your man did or said, then you can reflect on what made you angry and why. If you want, you can write this all down so you won’t be distracted or intimidated when you confront him.

Plan Your Move

You can also make a plan on how you can bring up the issue with your boyfriend without putting him in the defensive. But this should be done as soon as possible. Don’t let too much time pass or you will lose interest. You might also forget about the situation and the undesirable behavior or situation will arise again and again until it is resolved or you break up with him.

The best time would be when you know he is more relaxed or more likely to listen to you. Then, bring the matter up in a non-confrontational manner. Use “me” statements instead of “you” statements. If your boyfriend is a rational man, he will appreciate the effort you put not to “argue” with him in the usual explosive way. He’ll be more open to what you have to say and perhaps explain his side.

Do the following steps and you’ll save yourself from the stress of arguing with your man without achieving something. Your boyfriend will feel like you’re quite a catch and hopefully, will do something to avoid that behavior which makes you want to slap him.



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