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How to Ask Someone Out on a Date


Asking a women out on a date doesn't have to be difficult.

The differences between a boy and a full-grown man are enormous. Their appearances differ as much as their views over life experiences and challenges. It is funny how their common ground lies on one task— asking a girl out.

It is pretty understandable why guys find asking a girl out to be such a nerve-wrecking job (no matter how many times he’s done it before). Needless to say, rejection is one of man’s greatest fears as they are used to enjoying dominance in our society; and asking her out is almost like kneeling before her and asking her a favor. Well, it’s time they trash such a stupid opinion and heed these advices to lessen the burdens of finally asking their dream girls out.

  • Approach with style. We mean it. You need not look like an idiot and try to project a boy-next-door image. Just be yourself and start the conversation casually just like how you’ll do it on a regular day. Asking her out is not yet a special day, anyway. Your future date is.
  • Flirt. If she’s a friend, send her signals that you would want to take your friendship to the next level. Look her in the eye. Let her feel that you are interested in her so she will expect you to pop that question (Can I ask you out?) anytime soon in the conversation.
  • Talk about her interest. It takes some planning to successfully ask a girl out. For example, you plan to take her to dinner and watch a movie after. If that is the case, you will have to know where should would want to eat and what movie she’d be interested to watch. This way, you can jumpstart your way to her YES by talking about the movie she may want to watch and transition the conversation to—
  • “Hey, we can watch it together. My treat!” Pop the question. It is now or never. If you followed the first three steps and she also likes you, you will have better chances of getting a YES. Don’t fret if you get a—
  • “NO, sorry.”Keep your cool. It is not yet the end of the world. It is in fact good that she’s honest enough to admit that there’s no spark at least on her end. Smile and respond accordingly. Walk away with no hard feelings and MOVE ON TO YOUR NEXT PROSPECT. Laughing


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