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How to Build up Your Dating Confidence

Building your Confidence to Date

Women love a confident man.

Are you feeling that reality television shows have become your reality and you're watching the world go by without you?  Does the thought of another run to, "Taco Bell" alone turn your stomach over?

Well - its time to build your confidence, get out and enjoy life with someone special!  What a good workout does to your mind, body and soul, a good date will set you into another realm where you are a happier healthier person and able to completely enjoy all the good things life has to offer.

If you have never dated before or have had some bad experiences in the past, it doesn't mean Mr. or Ms. Right is not right around the corner.  You just have to build your self confidence up to be ready to find them.  This sounds all fine and good but I bet your thinking, "How am I going to do this?" or "I'm happy the way things are it works for me."  Read no farther then.

Just like a trainer works on your body, you need to train your mind as well.  If you are willing to do the work, the reward will be finding the perfect person to spend time with; no more lonely nights!

It looks like you've made it this far; you are on the right track. The things I recommend to get you moving farther ahead are:

  • Exercise - Set 30 minutes three times a week to work on your body.  Start slowly but keep going.  Do little cardio and weight lifting for four weeks and I guarantee you will see your body change and that does amazing things to your mind.
  • Eat well balanced meals as much as possible. I am not saying you have to "diet", but the quality things that you put into your body is what you get out.
  • Read self affirming books and listen to music that makes you feel "upbeat" and do it consistently.  The good authors write these types of books and the amazing performers rock your world because like to see other people bask in the energy they create.  Use it!
  • Get an old fashioned calendar with large date boxes and mark your mental and physical accomplishments for the next 45 days and circle the day you will take the next step to dating, in red.  This way you will have something to work for and the end will be near.

Doing things that take care of your mind and body consistently will train your mind and body to be ready to attract your soul-mate.  Your newfound energy will take over. The result is the feelings of irresistibility that will have no choice to over-rule the television set and the fake reality that sits in front of you today.  Don't waste another minute reading. Get started.



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