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How To Catch a Cheating Boyfriend

Is my boyfriend cheating on me?
by Megan

Use some simple techniques to find out if your boyfriend is cheating on you.
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So you think your boyfriend is cheating on you. Rather than give in to your insecurities and nag him to admit his two-timing, do some sleuthing first and confirm whether or not he’s got a woman on the side. If you feel like he’s cheating on you, trust your instincts but don’t rely on them alone. Before you go get a good cry, arm yourself with evidence. A guy will never admit to doing the deed even if you catch him with another girl. With evidence, he won’t be able to defend himself.

Check his Gadgets

His cell phone is your best ally. It is also the most used when it comes to cheating. First, observe how he is with his cell phone. Is he more careful with it than before? Does he not leave it lying around? Does he put it in silent mode or exit the room whenever the cell phone rings? When you notice this kind of behavior, it’s time to check his cell phone. But make sure that you do this surreptitiously or he will think you’re being paranoid.

When he’s not looking, check the cell phone numbers stored in his phone. If you see a number you don’t recognize, note it down. Check his friends’ cell phone numbers. He might be hiding the number under a friend’s name so you won’t get suspicious. Look at the call logs. Is there a number that he’s always calling? Investigate his inbox. Are all messages often deleted?

Sometimes, your guy might even purchase a different cell phone to keep in touch with another woman.

Investigate Lost Time

Is there a time when he disappears for two or three hours straight and you don’t know where he is? Does he look like he’s freshly showered every time he vanishes without a trace? And if you ask him where he’s been, is he vague in his answers? Always know where your man is, but don’t be overbearing. Ask his friends casually, not like you’re a police interrogator.

Be Aware of Changes in Your Man

Do you notice changes in your man’s behavior? Is he colder than usual or is he more thoughtful than before? Does he suddenly want to go to the gym when it takes all your effort to keep him off the couch? Does he shower more than usual and start paying attention to the clothes he’s wearing? These changes are often signals that something’s amiss.

Enlist Your Girlfriends

When you really feel like your man is cheating on you, ask your girlfriends for help. You’ll be more efficient this way and you won’t look silly following your man around. But choose your friends wisely since they might not want to be caught in the middle of a war.

Try these steps and you’ll be sure to catch your boyfriend. If you do, you’ll have the option to walk away from a relationship with your self-esteem intact.



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