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How to Date A Cougar


Demi Moore with her boy toy, Ashton Kutcher.

You’ve seen it on television. Demi Moore with her boy toy, Ashton Kutcher… Madonna and her cub… Even non-celebrity successful women have a penchant on dating younger men. If you’re attracted to highly successful, confident, and older women, then here are a few tips on how to date a cougar.

It’s All About Her

The reason why older women are attracted to younger men is because cougars know exactly what they want and how to get them. So in this relationship, you better be prepared to be the “prey” for your cougar. This means that you have to be readily available for her. In the same way, allay any of her fears of being unattractive that she’s not showing by showering her with all sincere compliments. Don’t hesitate to show her off to your friends. After all, who can get to date a woman who’s all put together and has all these successes on her belt? Only the confident man.

Intelligent Conversation

Most cougars are very intelligent and sophisticated. That’s what makes them so attractive to you. In the same way, they don’t just go for the younger man because of the great sex. Be prepared to keep up with her during your talks. She’s expecting you to please her in bed and provide stimulating conversation. So do your research. Read the dailies and regale her with your opinions.

Be Prepared for Raised Eyebrows

No matter how enlightened our society is, there will always be people who will scoff at your relationship with an older woman. So be prepared for people not to readily accept your relationship. There is still a stigma from society whenever an older woman dates a younger man, so handle it with all the finesse and good humor you can muster.

Prepare Your Emotions

While it’s always interesting to look back in your life and say that you’ve dated a cougar, you might be in a place when you want a serious and long-term relationship with your cougar girlfriend. If this is what you want, make sure to gauge whether or not this is also what she wants. Most cougars are not in a relationship for the long haul because they’re just amusing themselves with their cubs. However, this does not bar you from having the time of your life.

Dating a cougar takes a lot of self-confidence and strength. A younger man should be able to be flexible in the relationship and still keep his own despite the cougar’s strength. Follow these rules and you’re sure to emerge the victor whether or not you’re just playing around or in for the long term.



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