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How to Find a Boyfriend….. FAST!

by Penelope

There are certain things you can do to find a great boyfriend.
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With this fast paced life that modern women are living right now, most of their priorities have changed and they are living the lives they want. These independent, strong and intelligent women tend to put their love life aside only to find out that after several years of working and focusing on their careers, they are already losing time on their body clock. Most of the women nowadays are career-oriented just like men, they don’t bother being single and they enjoy life just like the women of “Sex and the City”. For those women with ticking body clocks, here are several tips on How to Find a Boyfriend Fast!

  • Broaden your knowledge with various topics that interest men. Try to read about Sports, Politics, Cars, Motorcycles other things that most men like talking about. It is a great conversation starter and would definitely keep a man’s interest in talking to you. Finding something that you both are passionate about will make things easier for you to get close and probably will be the first step into something deeper. Don’t pretend you are knowledgeable about these things if you are really not so learning about these topics won’t harm thus it will help…. a lot!
  • Have your friends set up a group date or blind dates for you. Finding someone within your friends’ clique would spare you from all the hassles of background checking to make sure that you are not going on a date with a psychopath or a serial killer. Most probably, you have already met that person but you just didn’t take the second look because you were so busy with climbing the steps of your personal career ladder. Going out on a date together with your friends will also make things easier since you have friends to help you get your groove on.
  • Start working out at the Gym. This will not only lead you to hot bods, but it will also give you a chance to take good care of your own. Gyms are mostly filled with eligible prospects so this is a great place to meet someone. You may never know that your really nice, hot instructor is single or that he might have other single clients that are also seeking a partner.  Just in case you don’t find somebody here, you have accomplished something else, and that is getting a hot bod that will surely draw the attention of men.
  • Check out the Internet. There are lots of online dating sites which allow you to choose from hundreds of profiles that include interests, hobbies, habits and other information that might be important to you when choosing a potential boyfriend. You will have the option to exchange emails with them until you are ready to go out and meet. Having the choice whether to continue on with that relationship or not without any strings attached will make things easier and you won’t feel guilty about it.

While trying out these tips, make sure that you stay true to yourself. Don’t pretend to be someone else and end up losing the guy faster that you found him. Be confident and don’t be too desperate or men will sense it right away. If you are knowledgeable about things that interest men then it will be easy for you to carry a conversation. Asking for your friends help in finding that special someone for you will not only help you to meet someone but also strengthen you bond with them. Working out at the gym is like hitting two birds with one stone, you get to take care of your physical attributes and find someone with the same interests. Finally checking out the internet, though this may not be the best option, it is surely one place where you find people looking to find someone to be with.



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