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How to Find a Professional Matchmaker


Are you looking for Hitch? You fervently hope to find such a matchmaker in real life. Sometimes you think you are on the brink of desperation. Its about time you fall in love, be valued for who you are by that extra special someone, and get married with that soul mate who understands you deep inside, love you just the way you are and with whom you would spend the rest of your life with. But it seems the world is against you; every lead you were into was pure disappointment.

Online dating sites in a way are matchmakers. However, not all are good at matching a person with another compatible person and it can sometimes a bit of time to find someone. Choosing an online dating site that offers a personality test that analyzes your character and personality is certainly your best bet for matching you with a potential mate. Online dating sites use different personality tests and techniques. Depending on the thoroughness of the test, the user will take some time to answer it truthfully. Such sites that offer a personality test on the web are,,, and to name just a few. Try each site until you find a suitable and reasonable one for you. But if you are disappointed with the match you met in cyberspace and dated in real life, a professional matchmaker may be the best option for you.

In the olden times (before the world wide web) matchmaker offices were the rule to find “the one.” A matchmaker has an office, advertises his or her services, and clients visit or contact the matchmaker’s office. However, the matchmaker’s clientele are typically only based locally, possibly with branches at other cities of contingent states. Then, the matchmaker goes to work like a sleuth finding the perfect mate for the client. And wonder of wonders… it works!

When the internet came into being, looking for that traditional matchmaker became much easier.  Most matchmaking services now have their own websites which make it easier to locate the best matchmaking agency suitable for you. Matching by these professional agencies is custom-made, fun, and most of all, effective and safe.  Because fraud, bribery and blackmail can easily haunt this kind of profession, matchmakers are registered and thoroughly trained professionally.  A matchmaker works like a broker, but more than a broker, he takes your case of finding your mate seriously, coaches you as often as necessary, gives you questionnaires, conducts an in-depth interview, guides you, and finds the right person for you individually, and not automatically.

Matchmaking services have dating coaches who are experts in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. These matchmakers are well-trained to be sensitive and well-versed in the art and science of matchmaking. Some professional matchmakers are social workers, teachers, psychologists and the like.  They would gladly go all the way to find the requirements a client specifies. To be safe, they conduct background checks on their clients to be sure that who they say is who they really are.

“Find a Matchmaker” is a referral service that refers its clients for custom made matchmaking services. Another agency, called “The Relationship Company” is one honest and effective matchmaking service but operates only in certain areas in the US and UK. Jewish matchmaking services are also available, which refer you to a traditional matchmaker such as “Ann Wood the Matchmaker” or “Bonnie the Matchmaker.” Matchmakers from traditional matchmaking services have different services depending upon the requirement of their clientele.

One important tip, if you are looking for an efficient matchmaker, it would be best that the matchmaker who first took your case should be the one to guide you throughout the process, much like a social service case. Ideally, a matchmaking service should rightly give its cost when asked and should not give a long term membership. Remember a matchmaker should be able to find that someone within a short span of time, optimally within six months and not more than that. After all, you are not dating online. The real first contact is out there in the real world.

Now go work on it to find the best matchmaker around. Just like Hitch, he works out that first beginning and suddenly you find yourself face to face with the one you would like to spend the rest of your life with.  Not really a bad deal!



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