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How to Flirt and Thrive at Thirty


You're thirty and your real life has just begun.  You've got a great job, new car, own place to live in, and you're still SINGLE???  Girl, do you really intend to live your life in single blessedness forever?  Don't you want to be like the princess in the fairy tale books who lived happily ever after with her handsome prince?  Still single at thirty could only mean that you have been into many failed relationships in the past and you just can't endure anymore, so you've decided to quit on love; or it could be that you were so engrossed with work and you haven't noticed that time has passed you by until you've realized that it's too late for puppy love because you think you're too old for it; or you just wanted to be like all the women in your family by following their steps to solitary life.  Well, these are not reasons for you to be single forever.   It's never too late for you, dear.  

Every woman is hoping to find somebody whom they could start their forever with.   You can still catch a man's interest and make him get to know how wonderful you are as a person, and maybe if all goes well, you'd end up in each other's arms.   Flirting is one way to do it.

Confidence is the foundation of flirting.   You won't be able to work your way through flirting if you lack the confidence to do so.  Strike up a conversation with the guy without being too obvious that you're so into him.  By doing so, you'd get a good picture of his personality and check whether he feels the same way about you.  If you go to work together, you could maintain the natural conversation by asking questions about him, like his favorite novel or movie.  Find something that both of you have in common and let the conversation flow from there. Get him to talk to you.  Act as if you're delighted everytime you see him.   Always make it a point to compliment him for a job well done in a natural way. 

Maintaining an eye contact helps a lot in flirting.  Some women get conscious when they see the man of their interest looking at them; their tendency is to look away.  When this happens to you, instead of shying out, flash him a smile and maintain eye contact for a bit then look away, then slowly bring and lock your eyes onto his again. 

"If you have it, flaunt it", as they say.  Women are blessed with gorgeous curves, nice legs, luscious lips, and fine skin.  You could wear something flirty like mini skirts, high heels, and skinny jeans to flaunt your striking features.  Being flirty is all about attitude.  It's how you see yourself, feeling good about it.  You can wear whatever you want as long as you are comfortable.  However, bear in mind to choose the apparel that's appropriate for the occasion and doesn't make you look too slutty and desperate to catch a guy's attention. When choosing a make-up, go for a lighter and more natural ones, heavy make ups make you look older.

Actions indeed speak louder than words.  The power of body language is inevitable.  Never cross your arms in front of a guy as he might misinterpret it as a guarding behavior, and ward him off instead of coming towards you.  You don't have to pretend just to get a guy to like you.  Just be yourself.  If you're somebody who know what fun means then by all means play around, make jokes, laugh, and just have fun!  Men like women who have good sense of humor also.  You can still flirt while making jokes like giving a light touch on his arm, or a small pat on his shoulders.  Just remember to keep it natural.  Also, men find it sexy when women bite their lower lip or flip their hair from time to time, they just love it!  And always SMILE.

Never act like those girls you see in movies who pretend to be unintelligent to get a man's attention.  You're thirty, it won't work for you.  You'll only look pathetic if you do so.  The truth is real men like women whom they could have a smart conversation with. So, there's no need for you to confine your knowledge to yourself.

Don't push your flirting too far to the point that you're already degrading yourself.  Being slutty is not the key to getting a guy's attention, an ill-minded person maybe, but never a good guy.   Don't act desperate and clingy either, if you don't want to end up living with cats for the rest of your life.   



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