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How to Get Rid of A Stalker Ex

Tips for Handling a Stalker Ex.

Breaking up with your sweetheart can be such a daunting task. It’s never easy to break up with someone but you eventually get over it. But what happens if your Ex will turn back, begin to stalk you and starts to threaten your safety? Then you should start doing something about it and fast! Or you might just end up hiding somewhere to get rid of that Ex. Keep these things in mind for you own protection and stay away from those stalkers.

Let everyone close to you know of your situation. Let your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues know what is happening. It’s good that people know what you are doing and where you’re going. It’s actually best not to leave home alone, but you can’t always have somebody with you so just make sure that you let everybody know your whereabouts.

Keep track of every stalking incident with their corresponding details. List everything that your stalker has done. Keeping account of all these things will help you pursue a case against your stalker. This will also allow you to keep track of the patterns that your stalker is doing to help you pin point and avoid crossing paths with him or her.

Seek help from support groups or professional counselors. Having to deal with a stalker can bring emotional distress. Getting the help of people who were able to get past this situation will help you get over the things that you are experiencing. These people will also help you to become stronger as you face your problem.

File a police report and consider getting a restraining order. When your stalker gets really out of hand then it’s time for you to go to the police for help and get a restraining order. This is very important especially when you have been harmed or feel that your life may be in grave danger.

It is not easy dealing with something like this, but with the help of those people around you, stress and the anxiety that comes with dealing with a stalker ex can be overcome. These things happen so never blame yourself for what you are going through. It’s not your fault that your ex turned psycho!



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