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How to Make a First Date Successful


You've set the date, picked the perfect spot and are very nervous about meeting your match for the first time.  What if you meet the person and there is no chemistry?  What if they don't show?  You can't control those things but there are some things you can control in order to make the most out of your first date.

You have to remember why you are dating. Are you looking for a long-term connection or are you just brushing up your social skills and are out to have a good time?  By asking yourself some questions first, it will directly impact your ability to have a successful first date.

If you are dating in search for a long-term partner, don't waste time on a first date that involves a lot of planning.  You know what you are looking for and also know that it doesn't take long to determine if the person has potential.  Make a lunch date and prepare yourself to ask the important questions you have formulated to determine if you and your date are on the same page.  The quicker you can move through this process, the better.  The second date can be more involved.

If you are dating to brush up on your social skills and want to enjoy someone's company, you can plan a really fun date. Focus your energy on creating a date that is full of entertaining things that will leave a good feeling behind.  By putting the focus on the date and not the person you will have a really good time and enjoy yourself.

The success of a first date relies on your ability to set the stage.  You have to do the preliminary work that comes from within you in order to define and determine the outcome of any interaction.  If you put the focus on yourself and your ability to project good things into the situation, you will always have successful first and your mission will be accomplished.



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