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How to Move a Relationship Forward to the Next Level


Take your relationship to the next level.

You still can’t believe you’ve found the right person for you. Everyday seems more beautiful with him or her around. She makes you laugh. He makes you like you’re the most beautiful person in the world. Everything’s nice and rosy and. But he’s still not talking about engagement. So what do you do?

First off, don’t go all womanish and pressure him to have the “talk.” That’s as much as driving him away with a whiplash. What you need to do is to understand how men and women differ in how they view the relationship. And for the men, don’t go running out of the door when your woman starts talking about getting more “serious.”

First off, a woman always thinks about the long-term, especially if they feel happy in a relationship. That’s why they’d think that if they’re happy with being your girlfriend, then they’d be even more happy if they’re your fiancée. However, a man thinks differently. They feel like if they’re happy with the status quo, they’re not going to mess it up by changing it.

So, whenever you want to take the relationship to the next level and your boyfriend doesn’t seem too enthusiastic, don’t take it personally. Just express your wish to take the relationship more seriously and never pressure him to do anything that he’s not comfortable in doing. If he loves you, he will do everything to make you happy.

On the other hand for the men, don’t think that your woman is pressuring you if she starts talking about moving forward with your relationship. It just means that she’s happy with you and she’s willing to think about the future with you in it.

Before you make any commitments, make sure that you both are on the same page when it comes to your long-term goals.  Even if you’re happy with a person, it can be that he or she wants something else in their future. For example, how do you feel about having children? A woman who would like children might not be compatible with a man who swears never to have one. Understand what makes you happy and see whether or not this happiness can be achieved in a relationship with this person. If it isn’t, then perhaps you should consider walking away from a relationship and perhaps, this is moving forward, too.



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