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How to Really Attract a Woman


Have you come to the point of losing hope, getting frustrated and becoming bored in your quest for finding the girl of your dreams because you find it hard to come close to any woman you wanted to meet and get involve with mainly because one, you lack the confidence, two, you can't cut in the line of so many good looking guys vying for one woman, or three, it could be that you've lost your mojo!  Dude, now is not the time to get your hopes down.  Instead of just standing in one corner looking at that gorgeous babe and wishing that you are the guy that she's talking to, and feeling sorry for yourself, think of some concepts and approaches to overcome your timidity.

They say that women are from Venus and men from Mars.  Two such different worlds' apart, right?  However, despite the differences, there is always this magnetic pull that attracts both sexes to each other; and being the alpha male, you should have the stronger force.   Cut the crap of self-pity.  There is still hope for you.  Here are some useful tips on how to get your engines roaring and get that babe you so wanted:

  1. Look good and feel good.   It's undeniable that most women go gaga for men with well-chiseled abs, who are tall, dark and handsome, and are oozing with sex appeal.  Say you've got at least 2 of these, why not flaunt them?  Being physically fit is one factor that can totally affect your chances of getting her to talk to you.  You don't have to have that killer looks to get a girl attracted, as long as you maintain a pleasant look on that face, you are good to go.  Feeling good about yourself means that you are confident. Confidence is one way to battle competitions and attract a girl.
  2. Be a Status quo.   Women go for guys who are of high social status.  You don't actually have to be filthy rich to be one.  A simple gesture of showing the girl that she can't overrule you is enough to send a message that you are higher than her.  Never tell a girl that you are so into her, as this would give her the notion that you are so head over heals for her.  Act cool.  Make fun of her sometimes.  Tease her by making some funny compliments about her legs, teeth or whatever you can think of, just don't go below the belt if you want her to stay.
  3. Act like you are HARD TO GET and STUBBORN.  Dude, you're hot, you're good looking and you're the man! Don't make yourself too available for her.  When she asks you out, make some excuses why you can't go, like you have already made plans with your buddies for a poker night or something.  Play a little game of hard to get. Let her feel that your life doesn't only revolve in hers. In that way she'd feel that you are so not into her.  Come on, it's not only the attractive women who deserve being chased by men; men too should be a challenge for women.  Become a big puzzle that's hard for them to crack.  Keep her on her toes by acting stubborn and mean sometimes.  But don't do this quite often; you don't want to give the chick the wrong impression that you don't want her, do you?
  4. Tell the girl your true feelings for her.  Forget the friendship thing.  If you think you can win her over by becoming friends with her, you're wrong dude.  That's not the best way to get closer to her.  If you'd start out from the "just friends' zone" it would be hard for you to move to "sexy intimate zone" because she won't allow you to.  Here's something that you should remember about friendship and women; women value friendship, they'd rather save your friendship than risk it from falling apart incase your relationship with her won't work out.  So, if you're totally into her, go straight to the point and tell her from the start that what you want for both of you is to be more than just fiends. 
  5. Be the man that you are.  Let girls be girls and boys be boys.  Let women do what girly stuff they want to do like having a bitch fit or something. But you my buddy, you have to act and play cool.  Don't let small crappy things get the best of you.  Show her that you're not bothered by anything less important in your life.  Who's the man?  You're the man!
  6. Play and Fool around.  Unless you're hair is starting to grey already, don't get too serious with the girl on your first, second or third date to the tenth or twentieth date yet.  It's too early for that.  Some little flirting and action would be fun.  After all women too like some "happy time".  Some teasing and repartee would do well in your relationship.  Playing would also alter the mood of your interaction with her.  In that way, she won't perceive you as somebody who doesn't know how to have fun. 
  7. Have a good sense of Humor.  Did you know that men who have the talent to make women laugh even to the lousiest joke there is have a way to their hearts?  That's right!  If you'd notice, women like men who have great sense of humor.  They always go for men who can make them laugh and feel good.
  8. Take her to some place special and romantic.  Women in general like men who make them feel they are special.  Why not take her out of town and have a romantic candle light dinner on the beach.  Or you could even take her to a flower farm and tell her that she's the most beautiful flower standing there.   Sound cheesy? I know! But is that's the best way to woo her why not?  Choosing the right place is one factor to make a woman's mood alter. 
  9. Let your body do the talking.  Actions speak louder than words indeed.  It's important that you maintain proper body mechanics when approaching a girl.  Feel confident and good about yourself.  Slouching will do you no good at all.  It would only give women especially the attractive ones the wrong impression that they are way beyond your reach
  10. Be Yourself.  Being natural is the best way to attract the woman of your dreams. There is no way better to be than just being yourself.  Overdoing something won't get you anywhere near your dream girl.    It would only make things worse.  Just act normal and don't be a poser. 

With these tips, I'm pretty sure that you'll get your mojo back in no time.  You may not master it right away, just keep trying everytime you go out clubbing with friends or in any gathering.  After all, practice makes perfect!



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