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How to Spice Up Your Next Date Night


Variety is the spice of life they say, and the same is true when going out on a date.  If your date destinations have lately become so ho hum and your date nights seem to fall into a rut of eating at a fast food restaurant and watching a movie afterwards, then this article is for you. Here are tips to add some spice to your next date night:

  • Change your location.

If your date nights were always spent at a fast food or a trendy bar, why not try something refreshing for a change, away from the smell of cigarette smoke at the bar and fast food. Consider canoeing at the lake especially if there is a full moon. Wouldn’t it be nice to bag some organic produce and munch on it in the canoe while you feed each other and explore the lake? Enjoy the mysterious magic of the moon reflected on the water.

  • Dance, dance, dance, with a different ambience.

Some clubs and bars hold dancing sessions on old and classic dances such as the sultry salsa and the tango. There are also flamenco dances. Check your local dance clubs and find out what dances are currently available. Some clubs may even give beginner lessons. It would seem awkward to you in the beginning but with a little practice you can improve your steps. It wouldn’t really matter if you have two left feet, as long as you enjoy the feel of dancing. Feel yourself melt in each others’ arms as you dance to the seductive music.

  • Why not go to a charity event?

Maybe your local church has a dinner date to raise funds for the homeless. Or maybe there is a game to raise funds for an animal shelter. That way you can also enjoy and meet other people instead of getting bored with the same old routine.

  • Go camping at night and watch the stars.

Prepare the food in advance. Go to the grocery or market together to purchase food, then marinate the barbecue, get wood, maybe even prepare a tent unless you prefer to sleep below the stars roofless. While you are doing the barbecue, enjoy the sounds of the night. Afterwards, drink your wine while you swap stories again and again.

  • Visit a bridge and watch the river roll at night.

The view would be spectacularly awesome when the water turns silvery with the moonlight reflecting on the running river. The beauty of moonlight on the river will surely bring out sentimental thoughts.

  •  Don’t ever forget the beach, especially if its summer.

Bring mats, some food, or cook your own barbecue, bring your grill and some wine. Put on some sweet music while you go night swimming then enjoy the stars while you munch on your food and sip some wine.

  • Go climbing some vertical heights at a gym.

Create teamwork with your partner using the series of ropes and pulleys that tie you together.  Some gyms give coaching lessons to beginners.

  • Go to the fair.

Buy cotton candy and ride the ferris wheel while you feed each other with cotton candy.  Try your luck at the games, relax and forget that you are two grown-ups. Make believe you are teenagers once again.

  • Go up the mountain and watch the city lights.

If one or both of you are keen on photography, bring your digital camera and take pictures of the city scene taken from a high altitude. Then experiment taking different colored pictures of the twinkling lights of the scenery by changing some settings in your camera.  Relax and unwind together as the cool breeze washes over the stress of city life. Don’t forget the food and the wine though.

  • Take an unplanned trip in another city you have not gone to for some time.

Just drive around and get down if you see something special you want to explore. When you get hungry, grab some food in any interesting restaurant you fancy. You can go visit different bars, soak in some fun then go  back driving around the city once more and continue exploring until you feel you have to go back home.

So there you are. These tips are guaranteed to spice up your next date nights and will surely expand your horizon too. Never ever get stuck again in the dinner-and-a-movie routine. Get adventurous. The more adventure, the more memories, and the more fun you will both have.



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