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How to Survive an Awkward First Kiss


Avoid having a bad first kiss,is easier than you think.

Hollywood has set high standards over what first kisses should be like. But they’re closer to reality than we think. First kisses set the stage on what the relationship would be like in the future. So here are some tips on how to survive that awkward first kiss.

Go For It

An awkward first kiss is better than nothing. If you’re seeing a lot of potential on your date, then make sure you plant a kiss or even a peck before the night ends. A lot of women confess that if their date doesn’t at least kiss them good night, they’d go home wondering whether or not the guy is interested. So, if you’ve enjoyed the night, then give them a goodnight kiss to let her know about your intention.

Never Ask for Permission

A first kiss should always be spontaneous. So asking a girl whether or not you can kiss her will surely make for an awkward first kiss. Women also think this is an overly polite gesture that will lead to nothing but induce more anxiety into both parties. Think of the first kiss like bungee-jumping. The more time you spend talking about it, the more nervous you’ll feel.

Perfect Timing

Although there is really no clear rule about when to kiss a girl, it’s usually better to make the first kiss right before you say good night. In this way, you won’t have to look forward to thinking about conversing casually after kissing. Conversation will always be more awkward after the first kiss, so the perfect time will always be towards the end of the date. You’ll know when the perfect moment is, so just go with the flow.

A first kiss tells a lot about the person. Usually, you can tell what the person is like by kissing them. This sets the stage on what your relationship will be like. Of course, a disastrous first kiss doesn’t have to spell doom to the relationship. A lot of couples have said that their first kisses could be improved but they’re still together. So don’t be pressured about making the first kiss unforgettable. If the relationship is bound to work, then it will work, no matter the quality of the first kiss.



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