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How to Tell if She’s Ready to be Kissed?


The first kiss can often be a nerve racking experience, but use your intuition to read your dates signs to see if they are ready to be kissed.

Already past the second date and maybe you are ready to kiss the girl? With the song “Kiss the Girl” sung by Sebastian the crab playing in the background. Ariel exhibited several signs that Prince Eric took into consideration before kissing her. Kissing a girl is not something to be taken lightly, it may make or break the moment, that’s why I wrote down several tips on How to Tell if She’s Ready to be Kissed:

  • Eye Contact. When you talk you both stare at each other’s eyes and that stare lingers, then that is one really good sign that she is ready. Although it’s impolite not to look straight in the eye when you are talking to someone, it is not necessary for that look to linger. Usually, the look lingers when you both are connecting already. This is the time where you feel that sparks are already flying whenever you look in each other’s eyes. 
  • Physical Contact. If the both of you are having frequent physical contact, may it be just a simple rubbing of the shoulders or smack on the back, as long as you touch skin to skin then that just means that she has already broken the awkward barrier and she is comfortable being with you. Breaking the physical barrier just means that she is quite ready to go to the next level.
  • Flow of Conversation. Taking the conversation to a higher level will give out signs that she is ready. After all, the mouth reveals the deepest of a person’s thoughts. If at first you both just talk about general things and stuff that doesn’t involve heavy flirting and then you move to more specific topics like relationships, dates and anything romantic then it is surely a sign that she is just waiting to be kissed. A girl wouldn’t talk about anything intimate if she is not ready to experience what she is talking about.

Whatever tips or tricks you use to find out if the girl is ready to be kissed, it all comes down to personal instincts. These things are just guides to allow you to check if she is ready. Good Eye Contact comes first then if the sparks are already flying, Physical Contact comes next.  When the both of you are comfortable with each other physically then try opening the topic about romance and if the Flow of Conversation goes well then that is the final sign that She’s Ready to be Kissed.



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