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How to Tell if A Woman is Attracted To You


Dating is an adventure in itself. They all say it's easy and one can tell if the other party is interested. As a fact though, men find it hard to read women. For us though, we give you easy signs to look out for. The signs are obvious. Women nowadays would not want to show that they are weak, that they need your help, that they appreciate the small favours you give them. But she does.

1) She listens to you

Whatever it is that you're saying, whether it's about the weather, it's the corniest joke around, it's the way your car broke down weeks ago, if she's interested in you, she will remember the details. She will laugh at your jokes even if she tells you it ain't funny, she'll smile though, and she might even give your shoulder a little pat. She'll remember to ask how your car is. If she has nothing to say, she'll remember the smallest details of something you told her weeks ago.

2) She appreciates the small things you do for her by giving you a smile

She'll remember how you told her not to get wet in the rain, she'll remember you held her hand when she was about to cross the street and you pulled her to the other side. She'll thank you for the smallest favours and remember them. She'll probably just smile when you do those things but that's one of the clues: when you're with her,  she's usually smiling. At you, at what you do. It' a secret smile that can only be given to the one you like. Like you're both sharing a secret: she knows you genuinely like her and she's in on it.

3) She will try to connect with you in some way

If you have different jobs, she'll ask you about yours and inquire about your day. She'll ask you about your birthday and will remember it when the date arrives, on the dot, even if you forgot hers and didn't even call. She'll make sure that you both don't lose track of one another and are in regular contact with each other, through either one on one meet-ups or through some other communication like phone, text, email or Facebook.

4) She will want to see you too

If a girl likes you, she will find even the smallest reason to see you again. You left your umbrella at her place? She'll call you up and meet you to return it to you.  And she will want to be seen with you. When you're with her, she wouldn't want you out of her sight for more than a minute. She'd rather have you by her side than you walking away to talk with some other people. Introduce her to these people; don't leave her out of the picture.

5) She'll make the impossible - possible

She will be there for you, come hell or high water. Need help and she'll do everything to help you. She'll have her own duties do the waiting while doing those that are for you. Provided that you don't go overboard and let her do your work because she definitely has her own.

Women as they say, bank too much on men's small attentions. They give too much meaning to tiny things guys do. But that's just what guys miss, it's the small things that matter to women. Big actions require planning but small matters are done impromptu. It means spontaneity: and that is the guy's natural habitat. That is what the guy's natural reactions will be when in a relationship. So don't skip the small acts of kindness that's endearing to women. Then you'll definitely notice she's attracted to you.



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