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How to Use Facebook for Dating?

by Penelope

Facebook has third party applications like Zoosk that are a way to find and date people with similar interests, location and age brackets.
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Online social communities are gaining popularity all over the world. People from all ages get hooked with these sites and everything can be done over the net including looking for possible dates. Finding someone over the internet is something that is already accepted widely by the society so people resort to online networking sites like Facebook. Third party applications can be used within Facebook to find friends, relatives and even past lovers. This can also be a tool to make new friends, build networks and even start an online relationship. These applications offer features that are present in online dating sites such as matching profiles, sending flirts, messages and even instant messages.

Speed Date. This program is like your typical online paid dating site. It is very easy to create an account in this program because you only have to provide your name, location, age and allow the third party application to access your information in your Facebook account. This program features pictures of other Facebook members who are categorized by age, location and sex so people who use this program won’t have a hard time finding profiles that they like. Profiles also include large thumbnails that allow members to look at different pictures and choose profiles by their physical preference. Its name speaks for itself so this is one of the best third party sites to use for finding online date fast.

Zoosk. This third party application is more like another networking site where you can find people with similar interests, location and age brackets. There are testimonials to prove that people actually meet other people from the same site. Zoosk is actually an online dating site that is connected to Facebook so members can check their status, messages and other profiles without having to log in to the Zoosk site.

Friend Stock, Friends for Sale, Hotties for Sale. These applications are not really intended for dating purposes but playing these games allows you to have a wider network and meet people who also share the same interest like banking, finance, etc. Browsing for profiles that you can choose to buy, sell and trade is like browsing for profiles of people on dating sites.

Farmville, Farm Town, Rollercoaster Town, Restaurant City. These games are just some of role playing games available for play in Facebook. Interacting with other people, helping people with their own accounts and chatting with other people playing the same games not only expands your network but also allows you to get closer to each other. Thought this may seem petty but helping to plow a friend’s farm or giving another person an ingredient in his restaurant may be the start of a good friendship and eventually something deeper.

All these third party programs have one thing in common and that is access to messaging. Whether you purposely joined Facebook to meet new people or to just find old friends, it is a venue where meeting and getting to know other people is a part of the whole experience.



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