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How to Write an Effective Online Dating Profile to Separate yourself from the Crowd

Standing Tall in an Online Dating Crowd

Finding the perfect match in an online world is a complicated process. Over the years, Internet dating has grown to a multibillion dollar membership pool of singles with many different personalities and reasons for dating.

How do you compete with the girl or guy next-door?  You need to be noticed but how do you get your dream date to not pass you up like yesterday's newspaper?  The answer lies inside your mission for being online in the sea of people who look and talk just like you do.

Looking at Yourself - Outside and In

Let's face it; your mug is the first thing people look for.  You can say that you are serious about dating and looks don't matter but we are genetically pre-wired to be attracted to a certain "type" of physical match; this is a deal maker or deal breaker. If your profile photograph is not truly a representation of what you are, and what you are looking for in your match, you might as well give up and try something else.  Even if you don't post a photo, you should be looking for the same type of person.  Ask yourself if you are you looking for quality or a quantity of dates.  If you are looking for a plethora of nights out on the town, feel free to post your best dancing picture.  If you are looking to for nights on the couch, be real, post your best couch shot.  Most important, post your photo as you want to be perceived and make it the best you can muster. Accept it; we all have access to a digital camera. The biggest complaint in online dating is meeting someone who looks nothing like their picture!  Bring on your family and friends but not when you were graduating from high school (unless you are graduating from high school).

Just as important is a catchy tagline.  "I don't believe I am doing this" or "Looking for Love" is not going to help you.  These types of catchphrases will get a "Pass by" immediately. Make your tag a reflection of your profile picture, which is a representation of what you are.

Tall and Proud = Short and Sweet

Are you proud of your self and your accomplishments? Tell it in a few short paragraphs.  Sorry folks, no one wants to read you life story on page one. Tell us what is important to you and if you are bold, tell your future potential love match to quit reading and get the show on the road.  Posting a video is a great way to put yourself out there but skip the "featured" section where you pay extra money to be on top of the crowd.

It's a jungle out there. Be real, genuine and underneath it all, perseverance is vital to success in the long run.



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