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How Would She Know You Like Her?


Women, much as they would like to, cannot read men as accurately as possible either. It just can't happen. No matter how long she would talk about a guy with her friends and dissect all the things the guy did for her and did to her, the meanings they give those acts are, more often than not, NOT the real meaning behind it. So how exactly would a woman know that you are into her?

Show her

Those small acts of yours would go a long, long way. You'd think that surprising her and taking her home would go unnoticed, NO. She will think about it long after you've gone to sleep. She'll relay that story to her friends, not just once, or twice, she'll even go as many as three times. Maybe to the same friends or to a different set of friends but she'll tell them about you and what you did for her. You called her at the middle of the day to tell her you just want to know what she'd like for dinner? That act will be duly noted, believe me. That counts as a guy being thoughtful. If you will be the one to pick the place for her with that something for dinner she likes, another point for you for being assertive and being the man in the relationship.

Be there for her

If she told you she's having trouble at work, then that means she needs you to listen to her. She woke you up and she said she just wants to hear your voice, don't be irritated even if it is the middle of the night. Just talk with her. Or let her talk. At that point she just can't tell you but she needs you to be there for her. Analogous situations: calling you mid-lunch - she's not bored, she misses you. And if you'd give her the time, she'd know you're there for her. Listen even if she talks much, that's her way of saying she wants you to be part of her life. If she's not telling you anything about her life and what's going on with her, that means you're out of the picture.

Just tell her

Miscommunication dooms every relationship. Acts would have to be accompanied by words at one point in time -- especially if you are just starting out. In movies, the climax would always be when the guy finally tells the woman he likes or loves her. Then the romantic song kicks in and everyone knows there now is their happy ending. In real life, this is how things should go too -- minus, the romantic song playing in the background though unless you planned it. Actions without words would leave your girl wondering where all this is going. You'd leave her confused and waiting - waiting for that statement from you, telling her that all she's been thinking and hoping for are real. It makes things easier really. It may be hard to divulge your feelings first but what the heck, everything in life's a risk -- if you're sure about her, take the risk just do it subtly as to not scare her off.  Also make sure you've been dating for a while or else this could go very wrong. However, in the end it may just be worth it, just tread lightly.



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