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Humorous Date Ideas


Let’s face it. When it comes to romance, girls love the mushy romantic stuff complete with violin music and fireworks. But when the relationship starts to deepen, the romantic stuff sometimes gets a little boring. Women love men with a sense of humor. When you feel comfortable enough with a guy to laugh together, this sends out signals that you’re in for the long haul. So scrap that romantic date and go for an unexpected humorous one that will have her laughing—in a good way.


One of the best ways to spend a date is to go and hunt celebrities. If you live near Hollywood, then this can be a fun date. Pretend you’re both crazed celebrities and position yourselves where celebrities flock. Then ask for their autographs. Better yet, have a digital camera ready and have your picture taken with the celebrity. The one with the most autographs or pictures wins. It’s up to you to think of a creative prize. If you don’t live nowhere near Hollywood, don’t despair. You can still do this with semi-famous people, like local TV celebrities.

Ghost Storytelling

You can do this over the phone at night or go for a campout and tell your best ghost stories in the camp fire. Make sure you practice your story telling to get the maximum scare effect. You’ll both be so scared to death that your honey will love to cuddle up to you and let you protect her after this session.

Mall Hunt

Go to a giant mall and take turns looking  for each other. Make sure each has a cell phone that has text messaging features. Text each other clues of your location. The long wait can heighten your excitement for each other. You can figure out the prize together to make it worth the effort.

Karaoke Singing Contest

Visit a karaoke bar and challenge each other to sing. To make this funnier, you can choose a song for your partner and he or she has to sing it even if he or she doesn’t know it. This can make you two laugh at and with each other.  

There are other funny date ideas you can try. The crazier or wackier it is, the better. When you and your partner can comfortably laugh at each other and not get hurt, this signals a deeper relationship for both. Also, nothing is sexier than a person who can laugh at himself or herself. So try out these humorous date ideas and let your true colors shine.



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