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Initial Messages to Send Someone at an Online Dating Site

by Megan

Crafty an intial message to send to your online dating site interest doesn't have to be difficult.
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Next to your dashing profile, you also need how to communicate with a potential date online. That initial message will make or break you, so you better know how to properly send that initial message that will pique her interest. So here are some tips on how to make that initial message which will make you successful in your online dating.

There’s Something About You

Before you start writing your initial email, think back to what attracted you to her profile in the first place. Is it that engaging smile that showed she hasn’t a care in the world? Or maybe, he’s also a fan of your favorite manga? Whatever it is, make sure you bring it up in your first email. And remember, “You’re hot!” is not the best way for you to send the message that you’d like to get to know him or her across. Make your message light and friendly. Don’t send a message that will come out as too strong, such as “You have such provocative sensual eyes.” This will just drive the receiver to add you to his or her blocked list.

Compliments Go A Long Way

Just as a compliment works wonders in face-to-face communication, compliments are also a great way to send that first email. Browse his or her profile and check out what admirable traits he or she has. Perhaps she spent a year volunteering for a save-the-turtles program abroad? Then you can say, “I see that you love animals, too and you’ve spent one year saving the turtles? I’ve been thinking of volunteering, too. Perhaps we could talk about your experiences.” Expressing your interest about something in your prospect’s profile will guarantee that you will get an answer because it shows that you have taken the time to read through the profile. However, make sure that the compliment is sincere.

What NOT to Do

Nothing turns off a prospective date than a copy-and-paste email. Believe me, you’ll know whether or not an email has been sent to ten people and it will show. Now is also not the time to be boring. Do flirt a little, but don’t go overboard. Also, don’t try to send a joke. A witty “I’m sending this from prison” won’t be appreciated by someone who doesn’t have an inkling of who you are. Reserve your humor to that time when you have at least gotten to know her a little.

Initial messages in online dating are one of your best weapons in succeeding in the online dating game. Do this right and you’re sure to get to know someone who will spark your interest. Hopefully, your initial message will also spark his or her interest enough that she or he will send the “reply” button.



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