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Introducing Yourself: Impressing Your Potential Match

Online dating site etiquette for making a good first impression.

Anyone would want to make a good impression when communicating online with someone they have been matched to at a dating site. How should you do this? Here are some ways to impress by also expressing yourself and letting the person get to know you much better.

  • How do you introduce yourself? The first rule would be to "know thyself." What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? As a rule of thumb, focus on your strengths and gradually introduce your weaknesses. Be honest, witty and carefree at the same time. Avoid sounding boastful when stating your strengths, rather, take them lightly so that they do not get off as bragging.
  • Be sure to send the basic information like where in the world you are, your race, where you grew up, and other similar information. Remember that dating sites are not only read in your country but anywhere in the world.
  • After the initial introduction of your physical self, proceed to describing the work that you do for a living. Be passionate in talking about this, because evidently, what you do for a living should be something that fulfills and defines you. However, do not sound like a workaholic. Also, if the truth is that you are bored with your job and are just motivated by the salary, be honest by saying what your plans are for a job that you love.
  • Show off your warm and caring side. If you love pets, then say so. Relate brief, anecdotes about your pets, or about other hobbies that show off your gentle side. For example, if you volunteer at a local animal shelter, then you can describe briefly what that means to you.
  • Relate the things that you love doing. They merit some description. If you have a green thumb and grow a garden, then describe how you enjoy tending it. There would be nothing wrong if you relate any of your other interests. You can tell how you love to camp and climb mountains, play a musical instrument, or even paint glorious sunsets.
  • Describe your family, highlighting the best times you spend together. If you are a single and devoted parent, do not hesitate to send this information. It would reflect that you are a responsible parent, though single. Some of your prospective matches would be single parents themselves too, and this bit of information may form or strengthen potential matches.
  • Avoid showing off and bragging. It could possibly be a "turn off" for the other party, such as saying that you had visited all the countries in the world or giving the information that you contribute to numerous charities every year (even if it were true). Some modesty is actually more attractive. Be tactful.
  • Be simple in constructing your online messages. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar, as this may say something about you. Initial messages that are constructed simply, to the point, with correct spelling and good grammar get noticed.
  • Most importantly, express interest in getting to know about the other person. For example, after answering a question about yourself, return the question back to him or her then also refurbish it with additional questions. Showing your interest can also make the person more interested in getting to know you.
  • In your messages, be thoughtful and considerate. Do not use rude language or words that are difficult to understand.

Experts have made a research and found out that on introducing themselves in their initial messages, online daters are usually too honest to a fault. They just want to relate everything about themselves, sometimes giving off the impression that they are all wrapped up in themselves. The best way is to describe yourself briefly with all the important aspects highlighted, and showing that you are very interested in getting to know more about the other person.

A good way to communicate online is talking as if you are communicating face to face. Mention that you have read his or her initial messages and are interested. Or respond and comment on an introductory message that someone has sent you to show interest. This would then keep the ball rolling. 


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