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Is Dating by Text Message a Good Idea?

by Penelope

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Dating nowadays has evolved in different ways. A lot of factors influence people on how they choose the best method of dating. Communication is really important between two people who are just starting to date. And with the technology boom, high tech methods of communicating have made dating easier, faster and way cheaper. Dating somebody that you haven’t met in person is not unusual anymore. Lots of people have practiced this custom because it’s the most convenient way of communicating. It’s fast, cheap and accessible to people of all ages.

Through this method, conventional dating is slowly being obliterated by teens and the younger generations. Through text messaging, people can exchange thoughts and emotions easily. But does making it easy make the relationship more stable? I don’t think so. Lies and deceit can easily be masked by a sweet text message or a quote that has been passed and forwarded to many people. You can never be sure if the person you are texting with is serious about wanting to go to the next relationship level.

So, Is dating by text message a good idea?  Definitely not! If you are looking for a long term deep relationship you have to plant seeds for it to grow and have roots. That is getting to know one another, spending quality time together and feeling if there are sparks flying between the two of you. Physical chemistry plays a vital role in dating because that’s when you find out if you are attracted to the opposite sex. Body language and facial reactions are also some ways on how you can more or less get a grasp of what the person really feels. These things are important but neglected when resorting to dating using text messaging.

Dating is the first step to any relationship. Taking it seriously would lead to a more stable relationship. Although this might not apply to everybody but choosing the right path to dating will lead to something that will be for keeps. But if you are just looking for some fun or nothing serious then dating through text messaging is perfect for you.



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