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Learn To Decode Your Man's Body Language

Body language is the non verbal form of communication which may include body postures, facial expression, eye contact, gestures etc.

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Body language is the non verbal form of communication which may include body postures, facial expression, eye contact, gestures etc. It is also a effective part of silent communication which may sometimes reveal the true intentions inside your mind. It is an age-old fact that actions speak much louder and clearer than words in some particular situations. Romance and dating relationship are some soft category relationships where internal mental thoughts play a major role in deciding the outcome. If you are a person who finds it difficult to believe what your partner tells you, then you can rely on body signs to understand your partners true feelings.

There is no need of hi-fi scientific experimentation to analyze body language of human beings because many of us might be knowingly or unknowingly aware of it. If you have not seen your loved person for so many days and just by the news of getting a chance to meet will bring the sparkle of love in to your eyes, even without you being aware of it. So, body language is very unintentional and raw .It comes automatically from one’s mental thoughts and related situations. Just observe your partner closely for any explicit bodily signs which show off whether his love is not real or whether he is flirting with you.

In all circumstances, all persons will have verbal and non-verbal communication. The non-verbal part is the body language. That is the hidden, unrevealed part of communication. Interpreting your male partner's body language gives you an excellent opportunity in understanding his underlying thoughts. Even though men shower so much affection and love to their counterparts, the fairer sex will always have a tinge of doubt or suspicion in the remote corner of their mind. Nothing wrong in it because Eves are programmed like that!

Signs of Body language

Body language can be positive or negative. The differentiation comes depending on the circumstances. The main challenge is that you should know to read the bodily signs in the proper manner so that you will never misunderstand your man.

Eye contact
Most of the people know that its good to talk by looking in to the eyes of your partner. But the thing is that it should 't be intentional. When the feeling is true, the look will be soft and deep, straight in to your eyes. If your man's look is long and piercing, then it will be very uncomfortable for women to continue with the chat process.

First thing that comes in to notice upon seeing a person is his smile. And you know, a smile can tell a lot of things. It is very difficult to fake a smile. Your partner should smile open and wide, reflecting the affection that he has in his mind for you and if the smile is also sparkle in the eyes, it is a very positive sign of romance.

Crossed Arms and legs
Keeping a crossed position of arms and legs indicate being on the safer shy side and being defensive. Usually men will be raring to go and in relationship, it may suggest that your partner is no that open with you.

Arms in pocket posture
Shoving his arms deep in to the pocket also indicates defensiveness and lack of interest in the affair.

Nodding head
People with short span of attention may nod their head too much while listening. It may also indicate that he is not truly concentrating in the talks.

Ability to properly interpret the body language of your partner will empower you to be more precautious in a relationship and will give a chance to see your partner's inner thoughts.

Jenia is an expert relationship analyst who offer invaluable advices on online dating and helps single men in finding love and friendship online. Having done her masters in fashion designing and being in the fashion industry gives her an edge in properly analyzing human relationships. 


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