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Help! What do I say in my Initial online dating message to my potential match/ interest?
by Marie

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People say that online dating will free you from making awkward first moves. But when you’ve finally spotted one that interests you, why is it that you don’t have an idea of what to write in the initial email? It’s sort of like when you’re tongue-tied. But this time, the only things that are tied are your fingers on the keyboard.  Here’s some advice about how to get those fingers running over the keyboard. Follow these moves and you’ll have your future online love’s interest piqued.

Keep it Clear as Crystal

When you’re writing, make sure that everything you put in your first email to a prospective mate is clear. Unlike talking face-to-face, writing does not have the benefits of nonverbal clues, such as facial expressions, tone, or body language. It may also be that sentences may be misinterpreted, so read and reread your first email before hitting the send button.

Keep it Short and Simple

No one wants to read a long-winded message. So keep your message short and simple. You can do this if you stick to the most basic points. This is not the time to regale your future love with a comprehensive list of your fine qualities. There will be more of that later.

Keep Yourself Interested and Interesting

Make sure that you voice out your interest in your first email message. You can do this by asking polite questions. Keep your questions to a minimum, though. You don’t want to confront your potential love mate with a list of questions that are better suited to an interrogation room or job interview. Ask a couple of questions. This will entice your prospect into answering your email.

Keep It Polite and Friendly

Don’t come on too strong with pledges of love. You are meeting them for the first time, after all. So better keep the tone of your first email friendly and polite. Avoid controversial topics and keep away from negative subjects. And most of all, leave the jokes to when you’re meeting up. It’s impossible to know how people will take on a joke online.

So, why don’t you craft a great first email with these tips in mind? Don’t wait for people to notice you. Start sending those first messages and chances are, there’s going to be someone who’ll get what you’ve written and hit the reply button fast. 


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