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Most Common Dating Mistakes Women Make

Avoid these three common dating mistakes.

Dates can be very unpredictable. On one end, it can turn out spectacularly! You and your date hit it off instantly. The weather’s balmy and all you need is violin music to complete the picture and it can be a date straight out from a romance movie. Then on the other side is disaster waiting to happen. You’ve spilled red wine all over your spotless white dress. The weather’s making both of you miserable. The food’s too bland. These situations are not in your control. But there are mistakes women commonly make that can be avoided if only women are aware of them. The good news is that these situations are in your control. And you have the power to turn a date around and make it the best night of your life, and hopefully, his night as well. 

Resurrecting Past Relationships

Past relationships are best left off your conversations with your date. You’re there to get to know your date, not to vent about how badly you were mistreated. You’ve seen this happen, even on TV. Rachel of Friends is on a date. But her mind is on Ross and his new girlfriend. She gets drunk. She starts to talk about her bitterness about Ross. The date starts to unravel. Her date is frustrated, obviously torn between wanting to know more about this beautiful girl and running away from her.

Acting Like an Interrogation Officer

So you want to know more about your date. But there’s a thin line between being interested and acting like an interrogation officer. Tone down your questions and express mild interest. You don’t want your date to feel like they’re in a hot seat.

Discussing Long-Term Commitment Immediately

You’ve seen this happen many times. Your date is spectacular. Then your imagination runs amuck. You’re thinking about what a great husband he’ll make. You’re thinking about how many children you want to have with him. Don’t let these thoughts slip into the conversation or you’ll turn off your date. Men need time to get to know you first before thinking. It’s the way they’re built. If you put on the pressure too soon, they’ll run away from you as quickly as you say, “I do.”

Avoid these three common dating mistakes and you’ll be well on your way to a successful dating relationship. 


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