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Online Dating Profile Don'ts

Mistakes you don't want to make with your online dating profile.

Online dating can be quite insightful at times. Seeing another person's profile can give you a hint of what a-would be dater might be like.  That's why it's important that your own profile is top notch. In order for you to find a person compatible with you, you want to make sure your dating profile does not send the wrong signals. That's why you want to avoid some common online dating profile mistakes.

1) Don't reveal to much personal information online

Reserve some for your real date. Of course the normal apprehensions about your financial status, your specific home address; these are things that should not be shared via the internet. You share these with people you really know and who you trust. Sometimes though, people try too hard for others to like them that they put in too much information online - which is unhealthy. You might also be sending mixed signals to the people who are viewing your profile. Be straight to the point: just put in the things that you would want them to find out about you at a glance BUT not the whole package. Mysteries are best served incomplete.

2) Don't put in too many seductive pictures

One, you'll probably attract the wrong people. Two, because you're sending out the wrong signals - it would seem that you are not out to find a serious relationship. And three, it seems tasteless if there is just too much skin - be it a female or male picture. The purpose of the whole thing is for you to meet a wonderful person like you, to find someone with whom you can build a relationship with.

3) Don't use bad language

This is a major turn off. If this is the way you'd like to attract people, again, you'll be sending out the wrong signals. Remember, it is your profile that will interest people to meet up with you. You get one chance to show them a good impression - it's you in a nutshell. Using vulgarities is certainly not the smartest move.

4) Don't be negative

Like all things in life, be positive. You attract the people you want so don't make a list of things you don't like. Negative statements are like worrywart statements that would also show that you are hard to please: that's the signal you are sending out.

5) Don't look down on yourself

It's your profile. You are trying to make a good impression to the people who are reading your profile. Whining in your own profile just doesn't seem like the best move there is. You need to tell them that there is more to you than meets the eye or maybe that there is still something there that people would want to find out about. No one needs a whiner: not even in cyberspace.

In the end, you attract who you want. So don't put stuff you wouldn't want other people to know about you. Be yourself and all will work out well in the end.



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