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Online Dating: Tips on Creating a Good Online Profile

Make your profile catch the attention of your potential soul mate!

Tired of looking for Mr. Right or Ms. Right in the wrong places without any success? You decide to try online dating, hoping you would be successful in finding that soul mate to share the rest of your life with. You reason out that dating sites are better since they have a system that matches singles based on their personalities and character. It would be best to let an online dating site do the job of searching for the right one. Also, with subscribers by the thousands, maybe your soul mate is out there, waiting for your profile to be posted.

So get started. Make a good profile that mirrors exactly who you are. It’ll be your introduction to your potential matches. The success of your compatible matching, chemistry, and attraction will depend on the honesty with how you depict yourself online. So work on that.

Here are some surefire tips to make that profile attractive and interesting:

  • Don’t misrepresent yourself. Be honest. There will be instances where the veracity of what you wrote will be tested, and in some instances, your match could lose interest.
  • Take time to fill out your profile. If you can’t complete it in one sitting, you can always improve it later. Update it from time to time depending on important events that occur in your life.
  • Make it concise and brief but with the important descriptions included. Make it light, bouncy and fun; not too serious and heavy. The person reading it should find it easy and fun to read.
  • The first thing they ask is your name, address, location, age. For security reasons most dating sites would require protecting your real identity by requiring a user name. Choose a unique, original, or even a mysterious user name, a name you can identify with. If you are in the army probably you can use the name of the military operation you enjoyed participating and add an adjective that might describe you such as BraveFalcon or GrayFalcon. For the ladies, make it fun and vampish. The guys may be wondering what you are all about.
  • Give your right age. Do not remove or add years. Though you fancy younger women or younger men you might not be that compatible with them at all.  In the end you have to close that match and the online relationship will be a waste of time.
  • The next question you will be asked is your physical description such as height, weight, body build, color of your eyes, hair, skin and other physical attributes. If you are on the heavy side say so. You can be loveable with a man or woman who loves super-sized bodies.
  • How would you choose your profile picture? Make that profile picture clean, clear, a full face with your eyes focused on the camera as if you are looking a person straight in the eye. You don’t need to spend much to have your photo taken by a pro. Choose good lighting, have a close up photo taken, with your face fully or slightly to the side but facing the camera. And smile enigmatically. It may be a full open toothy smile or a mysterious closed smile. Nevertheless, smile! Once posted, it should display your face fully. Be sure you like how you are depicted in the photo.  
  • Mention what exactly you do for a living. For instance, emergency room nurse not just a nurse, or construction manager, grade one teacher so as to attract the most compatible match. Otherwise you could be matched to one not compatible with you and who doesn’t easily identify with what you do for a living. Be specific when you describe your work. What is your real responsibility? Briefly describe what it is all about like saying, “I am an Emergency Room Nurse, the first contact of victims of accidents once they are brought into the emergency room.” Play into their imagination. Make your description something people do not usually imagine or something not commonly known. This will spark interest. If you are passionate about your job why not say, “It’s what I always wanted to be” or “I love being an Emergency Room Nurse.”
  • Your religion. Unless you choose a Christian online dating site, they surely would ask what Christian denomination you belong to. Religion defines how we live our lives in most cases, so it would be important to mention that you are Baptist, or a Lutheran.
  • Describe your activities and hobbies as if they can see you doing it. “I love to jog with my Golden Retriever, Anna in out of the way places where we get to rest watching the birds fly on a warm sunny day.” Or, “I love reading anywhere, everywhere in airports and bus terminals, or whenever I can find time though how short.” It gives you an image of a bookworm, albeit busy person who travels. This shows you to be an exciting and fun-loving person. People are attracted to persons who enjoy their time and live their lives to the fullest.
  • As a general rule, the more characteristics you mention, the site has more to work with in matching you to a compatible person. Personality profile questions are also asked so that the matching will be detailed. How do you manage your temper, how sociable are you, what do you do in moments of crisis? Answer them realistically.
  • Write your hobbies. If are a guy who loves cooking but in your culture men do not usually cook, add it still. Maybe somewhere in another part of the world an attractive educated woman loves a man who cooks. For ladies, put it nicely. If you go out with your gang once a week, describe it briefly. Your matches will know what to expect of you.
  • Now comes what you really want in a match. Be descriptive and to the point. “I want a lady who is affectionate, honest, easy going, loves pets, loves to camp, and loves to travel.”  Or whatever you like her or him to be. For example, “I want someone who is funny, will love to watch movies with me, loves books and music, accepts my quirks as much as I would accept her wholeness.”
  • Check your grammar and spelling. It gets noticed and can say something about you.
  • Be courteous and polite. Differences in culture do occur. A man may be simply describing himself while another person may take it as brashness or bragging. Mention things in a matter of fact way. 
  • Do not mention your ex. If you are open to dating, even online, it should show you are over that episode in your life and are ready to make a connection with someone.

Within a day your profile is posted on the site, expect compatible matches. One of them may be Mr. Right or Ms. Right. So go for it!



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